Densitometry - determining bone mineral density

Densitometry - a noninvasive method of quantitatively determining bone mineral density. The procedure is completely painless for the patient, requires no anesthesia.

This study necessary to periodically (at least once a 2 year, on doctor's advice - and more) go to the following categories of patients:

  • women in menopause, especially in the case of early onset of her;
  • older women 40 years and men - older 60 years;
  • women, suffered adnexectomy (ie the, who have their ovaries removed);
  • persons, suffering from diseases of the parathyroid glands;
  • persons, who has had at least one bone fracture due to minor trauma;
  • persons over the age of 30 years, close relatives who suffer from osteoporosis;
  • persons, receiving a long time drugs, promoting leaching of calcium from bone (glyukokortikoidы, anticoagulants, oral hormonal contraceptives, diuretics, psychotropic, anticonvulsants, tranquilizers and other);
  • persons, abusing alcohol, and smoking;
  • persons, suffer from physical inactivity (sedentary);
  • individuals of short stature with low body weight;
  • persons, from the various diet, is a fan of fasting system, feeding on irrational and unbalanced;
  • persons, regularly experience intense, exhausting exercise.
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