Demodex – causes and prevention

This subcutaneous mite acne železnicy kind of Demodex folliculorum (long) and Demodex brevis (short), which is a pathogenic microorganism and is found in the skin of most people. Demodex mites cannot be seen with the naked eye because of scanty dimensions – from 0,1 to 0,4 mm.

under the microscope is a very small insect elongated forms, covered thick three-layer shell, dubbed “cuticle”. Here is the mite Demodex: cover of the parasite has a thickness of 0,11 Micron to 0,6 Micron thickness in adults most sklerotizovannyh sites. This kind of protection of the mite demodex folliculorum helps it be resistant to external influences, including medicines. This leads to a complication of treatment of skin disease, caused by the activity of Demodex in humans.

The main habitats of the skin in the human demodex mite – hair follicles and the ducts of the sebaceous glands, However, it can exist for a long time and outside this Wednesday. Both types of subcutaneous mite found on any part of the body, where there is their main food-sebum, hormones and the skin cells. a person progresses with great speed, as a result of, appear unpleasant skin diseases and other intractable consequences.

Common places of localization on human skin – forehead, cheeks, chin, brow area, the skin around the lips, nasolabial folds, eyelids, external auditory canal. Subcutaneous mite Demodex meets, but much rarer, in other parts of the body: the hands, the ears, chest or scalp. In the internal organs Demodex mites do not live, because there is not able to penetrate. It can slowly move over the skin with a speed 8-16 see per hour, does this only in the dark, So how does not like light and avoids his. Demodex illness if untreated, has a progress and spread to new areas of the body.

What appears Demodex?

Deterioration of immunity, disruption of the endocrine and sebaceous glands, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, Liver, strong emotional stress – all of this leads to the revitalization of the mite Demodex, He begins to multiply, thereby provoking disease demodicosis.

As prevention of facial demodex mite is recommended strictly observe personal hygiene, in every possible way to strengthen the immune system, eat right, lead a healthy lifestyle. To avoid provoking disease subcutaneous mite, try as little as possible to expose the skin heat, do not use anyone else's makeup (especially brushes for makeup), monitor objects for personal use.

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