Facial on her face: reasons, symptoms and treatment of the disease

Pimples on face, irritation, redness, ulcers and many other problems on the skin of the person concerned by women and men. Not all acne appear because of the awkward age or hormonal glitches, and not always the redness and itching can be the cause of allergies. In the sebaceous glands and hair follicles from 80% mankind live microscopic vermin-clamp meter. They are influenced by many factors are activated and begin to multiply and, as a consequence of, already new generation starts with high speed eat skin cells. This mite is called demodeksom. And dermatological disease, which is caused by the mite, called demodicosis.

Facial: symptoms of the disease

Mite can live not only in the sebaceous glands on the face, but in the glands of the eyelids and cartilage hair follicles. In size it is no more than 3/10 millimeter.

Man threatens nothing, If the follicles or sebaceous glands resides on several (2-3) individuals. The problems begin with the moment, When Demodex navigates to active reproduction. When their number grows, on the skin appear different reactions, talking about the defeat of the skin.

How to distinguish a facial on her face and other skin diseases? To do this, it is worth to examine carefully the symptoms of this disease:

  • Redness, itching and irritation -a person first swells, then covered with festering pimples. Itching is present necessarily, may be insignificant or very strong.
  • Feeling, What's under the skin of someone creeps -This symptom is present almost every patient.
  • Skin begins to žirnet′ as a consequence of the revitalization of the work of the sebaceous glands.
  • Deteriorating emotional state -present continuous irritation and fatigue, anger and fatigue.
  • Can fall out hair and eyelashes-only in some cases, If the disease is in the running state.
  • Become swollen and Red eyelids -If the tick is activated in the glands of the eyelids.

So, demodex mite can live on the skin of the eyelids, forehead, in the area of nasolabial folds, Chin and brow, in the external auditory passage.

Demodicosis can easily be confused with acne or rosacea. The main lever descent, after which the tick begins to actively proliferate, is the reduction of immunity.

Leaving demodicosis without treatment, You can make the problem worse and lead to consequences of obstinate: acne, Rosacea, Dermatitis and other, no less serious skin diseases. Particularly serious harm mite may cause the ear passage, hitting a nerve, that may cause hearing loss. Moreover, appreciable harm Demodex causes nasal shell, distorting the appearance of the person.

What are the causes of demodekoza

What affects the active reproduction of mites in humans:

  1. Decreased immunity is the main factor. May worsen in the autumn-winter period, during the period of menstruation, While taking antibiotics.
  2. Stress and depression -lead to a decrease in immunity, protective functions weaken, and this takes Demodex.
  3. Use foreign supplies for the application of cosmetics and the cosmetics-this reason is quite common.
  4. Using feather pillows or blankets for fillers. In this Wednesday mite feels comfortable and moves into a phase of active reproduction. Besides Demodex in feather cushions can inhabit the psoric mite.
  5. Malfunction of the DIGESTIVE TRACT and the development of chronic disease leads to favorable conditions of reproduction of mite and the emergence of demodekoza.
  6. Demodicosis can appear on the face and improper nutrition or eating harmful food-sweet, Salt, roasted, very greasy.
  7. Another important reason for, provoking a deterioration of the General State of health due to intensification of mite-abuse of thermal treatments. The tick loves heat and reproduce more quickly in warm environments, If the wash and wash the head with warm or hot water.

How to treat demodicosis and preventive measures

To find out, whether problem areas on your skin the result of vital activity of the mite Demodex, You must pass in a laboratory scraping. Material is investigated for the presence of demodex mite eggs or adults. The doctor may take a scraping from the surface of the skin, 21 or explore the eyelashes of the patient.

To achieve the desired results and fully cure this disease, should start with addressing the causes. Moreover, address cleansing the body, lifting the immunity and vitality, to enhance the resilience of. Only then can navigate directly to the treatment. Facial on her face may be cured only through knowledge and skills dermatologist. This disease does not lend itself to self-healing.

Integrated therapy begins with taking medication: antibiotics, means to maintain the health of the liver, spleen, DIGESTIVE TRACT. Also pay attention to the use of external tools: ointments, gels, emulsions, lotions. An important part of treatment is to follow a strict diet, which aims at removing harmful products from your diet.

Preventive demodekoza on face

  1. Avoid feather pillows and blankets for fillers, replace silicone or sinteponovymi.
  2. Replace all old makeup and tools for applying, Watch out for the term of validity.
  3. Never use other people's things, means of personal hygiene, cosmetics.
  4. Wash cold boiled water and wipe down the face and hair of disposable towels.
  5. Do not visit bath during acute illness.
  6. Get rid of bad habits.
  7. Spend every two weeks or more frequently disinfect linens and clothing.
  8. Regularly wash hats and scarves, headband, gum and other hats and tools to create hairstyles.
  9. Avoid stressful situations.
  10. Never squeeze pimples, can cause irreparable skin damage and infection in deep layers.

Facial on my face healed with careful adherence to all the recommendations of the doctor. Treatment may vary from 3 to 6 months, but the forecast for happy-after successful treatment and prevention is a disease you never do not disturb.

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