Daniel Kassuto: features of work with drugs Profhilo and Aliaxin for the rejuvenation of the face and neck

29 September in Hotel Premier Palace (Kiev) the author was held a master-class of Professor Daniel Kassuto on the theme of "innovation for tissue repair and skin volume using drugs PROFHILO and ALIAXIN». Present at the event, organized by cosmetic group, had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the methods of Daniel Kassuto using drugs brand IBSA Farmaceutici. After the master-class of Professor Kassuto in an interview for estet-portal.com told about peculiarities of working with drugs Profhilo and Aliaxin, results and possibilities of combining them with other products.

What are the main differences between the rulers Aliaxin from other fillers based on GC?

The main difference between drugs Aliaxin from other fillers based on CC is an excellent tissue integration. I don't know of other drugs, that would be distributed and integrated into the fabric of better, than Aliaxin. Maximum integration into fabric provides higher bioavailability of molecules. It improves the regeneration effect of hyaluronic acid, in particular, stimulation of the synthesis of new collagen and elastin.

Do you combine preparation Profhilo with hydroxyapatite calcium?

Calcium hydroxyapatite for more than 10 years of use has proven itself as a reliable product, provides natural results. But errors, admitted at the introduction of hydroxyapatite calcium, harder to fix, than when working with hyaluronic acid. In fact, at the moment there is no way to quick removal of Sana in the event of incorrect injection. In this regard, the Profhilo has an advantage-with uneven introduction product perfectly distributed and integrated into fabrics. Profhilo and calcium hydroxyapatite behave differently. And, Despite the lack of comparative studies, information about Profhilo, We have to date, indicate that, This product is the stronger Stimulator, than Sana. According to the preliminary results of the, Profhilo activates and fibroblasts, and adipocytes. At the same time, Sana-good activator of fibroblasts, but, as far as I know, data on the impact of the drug on the adipocytes are missing. Since the injection Profhilo allow you to encourage a wider range of cells, This product allows to achieve excellent results without any combining. Because in practice I do not use a combination of Prodhilo and Sana. But I combine Profhilo with other drugs based on hyaluronic acid, Since one of the features of the Profhilo is to improve the quality of subcutaneous tissue. In case of increased fibroznosti, age-related changes or lack of subcutaneous fat in patients Profhilo allows you to restore the layer of fabric, that simplifies and improves the efficiency of introduction of filler. Personally I prefer to use this preparation with hyaluronic acid, Profhilo, however, it is quite possible to combine with other quality fillers rassasyvaûŝimisâ.

What is the maximum amount of the drug can be injected in the neck area?

The introduction of drugs Profhilo in the neck area allows you to get great results. However, in order to maintain their stability must be the reconvening of the procedure. This applies not only to the volume, but also the quality of fabrics. Since stimulation of tissues is not increased when increasing the number of product-based, in this case, more important than quantity of the drug, and it's a good and uniform integration. Because, as a rule, I enter 2 ml Profhilo to each side of the neck in one session, and then give the drug to be distributed. Just amazing, how much drug is evenly distributed in the tissues a few hours later or even the next morning after the introduction. Then after 1.5-2 months I make repeated injections of the drug. I believe, that such a scheme more suitable, introduction of large quantities of the drug for one session. The same applies to any injection of hyaluronic acid in any area of the face.

Is it possible for injection Aliaxin in the area of the lower jaw and Profhilo -in the neck in one session?

Usually I am doing. Aliaxin EV (for men and young girls), Aliaxin GP and FL (for older patients) is a very good way to restore lost volume in the area of the lower jaw. And the drug Profhilo in Central and lower face complements and harmonizes result, and creates a thin layer of subcutaneous fat, which is the Basic for further procedures.

Do you think, What is photoaging and, as a consequence of, Elastosis, complexity in the neck?

Photoaging results in a significant thinning of the skin, than natural aging. Solar damage and elastos skin istončaût. In this case the introduction of hyaluronic acid or any other filler can be complex, and because, as a rule, all, What can we do, -hold a particularly effective biostimulation facial tissues. Interesting, that Profhilo provides temporary volume, a particularly effective biostimulation subcutaneous adipose tissue and improves skin condition without the need for direct injection into the skin.

Do you think, that injection technique canuile better bolusna?

With 2010 year for all subkutannyh injection I use kanûl′nuû technique, basically, for security purposes,. Patient safety is a top priority of the doctor. Of course, other factors, for example pain, also taken into account, However, security is always on the first place. To date, no doubt, that the use of blunt cannula tip caliber G 22-23, compared with the pointed needle, greatly reduces the risk of an intravascular injection. There are many other reasons, for which it is recommended to use a large diameter of the cannula with a blunt tip: patient comfort, a reduction in the number and frequency of bruises. As you know, If you use needle bruises may appear a few days after the subcutaneous injection. To reduce the risk of bruising, pain and other side effects can be through careful and slow injection using a blunt cannula tip. Of course, work of the doctor also plays an important role, Since the failure of technology to work with kanûlâmi adverse effects may occur, characteristic for the introduction of drugs using a needle. Because the technique is canuile, in the first place, Security, Secondly, comfort. And, What is important, especially with the introduction of filler, that are not integrated in the fabric is ideally, canuile technology, Unlike bolusna, allows us to properly distribute the drug beneath the skin.

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