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breast Lipofilling

Dream women to move extra weight from the abdomen and thighs to the chest ceased to be unworkable. Modern plastic surgery is ready to every whim of the patient and make a reality in one place to remove, and in another - add.

otoplasty – Down with all the complexes!

Dreams Come True! Today, we have carried out a cherished dream of our charming young patient)) otoplasty – Down with all the complexes! Protruding ears are no longer a problem!

Why can not put off a visit to mammologist

Mammolog - a doctor, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease. In such diseases as breast, fibroadenoma, mastitis, mastoptoz, cyst, sealing or suspicion of breast tumor, – you must apply it to mammologist. It should be noted, that 90% breast diseases treatable, subject to early diagnosis and treatment of a specialized.

Bulkhorn – Lip augmentation

Bulkhorn (subnazalny surgical lifting of the upper lip) – operation, Increases the height of the red portion of the lips and reduce the height of the skin of the upper lip.


According to the World Health Organization, today one in ten women has a greater likelihood of malignant tumors of the mammary glands, and every second there is a high risk of mastitis and various benign tumors. To date, one of the most important issues in maintaining women's health around the world is to ensure the prevention and timely treatment of various diseases of dairy Read more

otoplasty – Make your ears beautiful

More and more often we are confronted with the aesthetic problem of protruding ears in children and adults. Droopy ears always been a cause of mockery at school, University, ridicule colleagues and the most important issues in people's lives – complexes because of the appearance and self-doubt. Looking teenagers making their ears glued with superglue (which is extremely dangerous for the health!), and adults at all, occasionally, Read more


Neurology is one of the most complex areas of medicine. Nervous system disorders have the heavy nature of the course and require professional medical care. The most common factors, provoking their development - overwork, violation of the regime of sleep and food, as well as constant stress, which are increasingly accompanied by modern man. Therefore, consultation neurologist (neurologist) - demanded service.

Laser removal of hemorrhoids, advantages of laser treatment, surgery and rehabilitation

Hemorrhoids - varicose this cavernous bodies in the area of ​​the anal canal. This disease manifests itself very unpleasant symptoms - pain, release of blood, loss of cones out. Hemorrhoids can significantly reduce a person's quality of life, permanently deprive him of his disability, It causes physical and mental suffering (many consider improper to admit to others in the presence of such problems).

Effective rate of weight loss in TORNADO MG

At the medical center of Tornado are held most effective treatments in aesthetic medicine. Price for 10 total sessions 3700 UAH. Pressure is a Pressure point massage through a managed system alternating pressure and increases in certain areas of the body. System focused on moving the venous and lymphatic flows from ankles to thighs. The procedure is intended to enhance the blood circulation Read more


Sex hormones largely determine our health and even our appearance. Sorry, sometimes their effect is unpredictable and leads to some oddities and unpleasant situations. Ginekomastia men is a consequence of the activity of estrogen in the male body, When often resort to forced surgery.

Ear lobe repair

Striving for excellent, We want to always be beautiful and young. Often even the most minor drawback is able to spoil the overall impression and disturb the harmony of our appearance. Ears though are very modest part of our body, but at least deserve close attention. Therefore, to improve the aesthetic appearance, earlobe PLASTY-frequently used operation.


Kinesitherapy (Kinesitherapy, kinesitherapy) literally means "movement" and treatment in our Center, we use the method of therapeutic effects. When restoring the patients after traumas and operations, in the treatment of joint pain and back pain, We focus on active, intelligently designed, stage and a consistent exercise program, that affect the cause of disease, allow you to solve many problems Read more

Treatment of osteoarthritis

Many spinal degeneration associated with salt deposits in the cervical spine, but this is just confusing. Osteochondrosis may actually relate to any part of the spine and is degenerative and dystrophic processes in the intervertebral discs.

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