Ultrasound diagnosis

Preparation rules ultrasound

Modern ultrasound scanners have high resolution and multiple methods of processing and analyzing the returns on the target organ, Signal. However, the limitation of the method is the acoustic availability of organs and tissues, that is, the existence of adequate acoustic Windows. As we know from physics / high school /, Ultrasonic signals are bad in the air, giving the maximum dispersion already at small distances. Optimal Read more

Ultrasound skin

ULTRASOUND skin firmly occupies one of the leading positions among the methods of non-invasive diagnostics. The main method to study the morphology and histology of the skin are skin pathology examination, However, these methods are labour-intensive and requires certain cost. Today, study of benign Neoplasms, malignant skin tumors, as well as skin diseases is one of the main areas of application of high-frequency ultrasound.


Ultrasound examination – this is one of the many methods, used in medicine to produce images of internal organs. From all studies, used to obtain images of the internal organs, Ultrasound is the safest and one of the most sensitive methods. “Tornado” offers new diagnostic possibilities: Abdominal ultrasound (gallbladder, liver, pancreas) Renal ultrasound, adrenal, bladder ULTRASOUND of thyroid, parathyroid gland ULTRASOUND EXAMINATION Read more

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