Laser removal of hemorrhoids, advantages of laser treatment, surgery and rehabilitation

Hemorrhoids - varicose this cavernous bodies in the area of ​​the anal canal. This disease manifests itself very unpleasant symptoms - pain, release of blood, loss of cones out. Hemorrhoids can significantly reduce a person's quality of life, permanently deprive him of his disability, It causes physical and mental suffering (many consider improper to admit to others in the presence of such problems).

Hemorrhoids Treatment. Symptoms.

Non-acceptance of the disease to speak aloud. However, the disease is able to deliver huge trouble. Because of hemorrhoids you can not normally sit, move ... The problems with hemorrhoids are so severe, that the patient is not able to work and to engage in any business. Sorry, referring to shyness, people rarely go to the doctor, because hemorrhoids are intimate illness. However, it is important to disease Read more


The modern version of the ancient methods of hydrotherapy RECOVERY (water therapy or bowel irrigation, intestinal lavage) - Is a gentle purging water or aqueous solutions in order to detoxify and restore the normal flora. Many people think, that hydro - something like a big enema. It is not so. Enema affects only the terminal portion of the colon length 25 – 30 see, and Read more

Studies bowel

As with every meeting with any doctor, meeting with the gynecologist starts with a conversation (history taking). During which you will be asked questions, questions of your doctor and on the correctness of the answer depends on the accuracy of diagnosis. Next, in a separate (Sight) Your doctor's office inspects. First, an external inspection, and then survey with the help of special methods, which Read more

The crack of the rectum

The crack of the rectum, or anal fissure, this is one of the most common diseases proctological. Is a defect in the rectal mucosa, linear, oval or triangular, size from a few millimeters to 2 cm. Disease-prone people of any age, including frequent fissures of the rectum in children, the pathology in women is more common because of the anatomical structures Read more


To address such sensitive issues, as hemorrhoids, crack, polyps, we successfully use the most modern equipment and the latest technology as well as seasoned proctologist in Kherson. For example, the serious problem of hemorrhoids today is non-invasive by just 1 visit, in this case you can immediately return to normal activities!

Treatment of fractures of the rectum

Pain in the anus – first sign, Talking about the possibility of a crack, and, if it occurs during a bowel movement, the crack is in the acute stage. In the case of pain after defecation – you probably already passed the disease to a chronic form. Unlike hemorrhoids, pain is much stronger, Sometimes shall communicate “to a shout”. All this leads to Read more

Perianal aesthetics

Aesthetics crotch quite often on this issue we are approached by young people, especially women. For many, this is just an opportunity to have a perfect and beautiful body, and similar procedures are viewed is naturally, like other types of aesthetic interventions.

Anal itching

One of the most unpleasant and "mysterious" proctological diseases is anal itching. Moreover, many people, especially those, who did not have to deal with it on their own experience, and disease-it is not considered. In part, they are right, because itching in the anal region is still not a separate disease, and accompanying symptom of some other ailment. But, undoubtedly, most dramatically Read more

Hemorrhoids Treatment

Almost every other person on Earth is the problem of hemorrhoids. However, most people, in the early stages of the disease, did not even know it. But, over time may have pain or bleeding. Hemorrhoids are progressing slowly and makes itself felt usually after random provocations – physical stress, spicy food, Constipation, While women often hemorrhoid flare-up Read more

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