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Neurology is one of the most complex areas of medicine. Nervous system disorders have the heavy nature of the course and require professional medical care. The most common factors, provoking their development - overwork, violation of the regime of sleep and food, as well as constant stress, which are increasingly accompanied by modern man. Therefore, consultation neurologist (neurologist) - demanded service.

Аллерголог Херсон

Allergist (Kherson) -It is still a young specialty in medicine. A good allergist - a specialist, having in-depth knowledge in the field of medicine, discriminating disease, distinguish between the common cold, infection from an allergic reaction. For the present it is important to have a doctor's allergist and broad-minded, keep abreast of new methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Therapist Kherson

Tornado Medical Clinic feature in contrast to many other medical institutions diagonosticheskogo profile is, that when any form of pathology examination and treatment are determined by a family physician. Admission conducted by experts of the 1st and the highest category, having a 20- years of practical experience, constantly improving their knowledge and skills. Our main underlying principle – work on the system “family doctor” Read more


Atherosclerosis is the defeat of vascular walls. Besides, atherosclerosis is a disease of the whole organism, t. to. the disease presents a serious metabolic disorders, in the first place — the fat metabolism. Holesterinovykh plaques Atherosclerosis is characterized by the, that on the inner surface of the large arteries begins first deposit cholesterol in separate yellowish spots, and then in the form of individual atherosclerotic plaques.

Coronary artery disease

Coronary artery disease (ИБС) Coronary artery disease (abbreviated CHD) - It is a disease, uniting angina, myocardial infarction, and atherosclerotic cardio. IBS develops due to insufficient blood supply to the coronary arteries of the heart due to narrowing of the lumen. Coronary heart disease is by far one of the most common diseases in the world. Unfortunately doctors, and patients, treatment of this disease Read more

Chronic heart failure

What is congestive heart failure? In a healthy heart reductions predserdy and testing occur consecutively and synchronously. Against the background of various diseases of the cavity dilâtiruûtsâ (expand) and lose their ability to simultaneous reduction. Dissinhroniâ which leads to a decrease in the pumping function of the heart and the progression of heart failure. Heart failure is a condition, where the heart has lost the ability to pump blood in the right Read more


Tornado Medical Clinic is the first private clinic, specializing in dealing with male and female sexual problems. Thousands of our patients have been successfully treated and have returned to a normal sex life. But, with many diseases and functional disorders are easier to handle in the early stages. Male Sexology specialization in the field of male Sexology — restoring erections against the backdrop of Chronic prostatitis, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cardiovascular Read more

Trichology. Conditioning treatment

It is no secret, what hair is one of the main decorations of both women and men! However, the thick, interesting, strong and healthy hair is not only a source of pride, but the indicator of the health of each of us. That is why when we are faced with the problem of hair loss and treatment, first need to seek help from a doctor and do not Read more


The Greek word "podo" means "stop". Podolog in Kherson – is the name of the profession, that is a specialist in foot, master pedicure with medical education. And gained his attention does not just cover the various foot deformities, but all diseases, affect the condition of the foot. Employment specialists to perform remote: corns; Warts; Corn; Correction of diabetic foot; treatment of fungal infections


Cardiology (from from the Greek. “kard?(a)” - The heart and the Greek. “(l)?gos” - The word, teaching) – a branch of medicine, We study the structure, function, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, their causes, mechanisms of development, clinical manifestations, diagnosis. Moreover, cardiology considering treatment, prevention, issues of medical rehabilitation of patients with lesions of the cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular disease – the main cause of disability and premature death, residents Read more


In the age of science and technology applied medicine are increasingly drawn to the old time-tested ways to combat human illnesses. One of these methods is girudoterapiya. Girudo in Latin – Sanguisuga. Leech therapy successfully trampled by our ancestors for thousands of years. Latest 20 hirudotherapy is the unprecedented boom years, due to the fact, that active Read more


Reception is conducted by experienced specialists with extensive experience in practical oncosurgery. Apply the latest diagnostic technology and treatment of various oncological pathologies. Delete the most frequent cause of cancer treatment at the clinic is to laser removal of neoplasms.


Tornado Medical Clinic Endocrinology services, as: – A complete study of hormonal, Thyroid ULTRASOUND.

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