Why can not put off a visit to mammologist

Mammolog - a doctor, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease. In such diseases as breast, fibroadenoma, mastitis, mastoptoz, cyst, sealing or suspicion of breast tumor, – you must apply it to mammologist. It should be noted, that 90% breast diseases treatable, subject to early diagnosis and treatment of a specialized.


According to the World Health Organization, today one in ten women has a greater likelihood of malignant tumors of the mammary glands, and every second there is a high risk of mastitis and various benign tumors. To date, one of the most important issues in maintaining women's health around the world is to ensure the prevention and timely treatment of various diseases of dairy Read more

Gynecology in Kherson

Consulting a gynecologist - a sure step towards women's health. Regular monitoring will prevent most of the diseases or detect them in time. The first inspection is desirable place after the onset of sexual activity. Women between the ages of 16 to 45 Recommended years consulting gynecologist 2 per year. In the menopause and age 50-60 years - once a year. It is necessary to responsibly Read more

Methods of treatment of cervical erosion

Methods of treatment of cervical erosion are very diverse. In each case, the doctor selects the optimum and gentle treatment, Considering all of the individual features of a particular woman. When choosing a method of treating doctor must take into account such factors, as a cause of disease, the course and the degree of cervical lesions. Current treatment of cervical erosion offers a wide range of. Below Read more

Why is the development of cervical erosion

Trigger in the development of cervical erosion is most often the infection. Staphylococci, streptococci, colon bacillus, enterococcus, as well as agents, which qualify for “latent infections”, sexually transmitted: Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, gardnerella, Chlamydia.

Gynecologist in Kherson

If you need a good gynecologist in Kherson, we suggest contacting the Tornado MG. We provide care to women of all ages with a variety of gynecological problems.

Diagnosis of infertility

Diagnosis of infertility in modern medical canons begin no earlier, than one year after the start of an open and regular married life without any kind of contraceptive use and mode of action. According to recent studies, about 40% barren marriage due to concerns on the part of men's health, and 60% – pathology in women's health. Diagnosis of infertility traditionally begins with a survey of men, so Read more

Treatment of thrush Kherson

Today in medicine there is a lot of drugs for the treatment of thrush, However, the problem continues to be highly relevant. It is connected to the underestimation of the importance of yeast by patients, and with common chronic yeast infection over, and illiterate and dangerous self on the basis of widely advertised drugs for the treatment of thrush. The basic rule in the treatment of yeast infections is, Read more

Vaccination against cervical cancer

It is no secret, that now actively promoted the vaccination against cervical cancer ". In fact,, Vaccination is the main target of the human papillomavirus (HPV). It is with HPV associated with the development of cervical dysplasia (CIN), and as a consequence, cervical cancer. To do this, use 2 preparation "Gardasil" and "Tservariks».

Treatment of Endometriosis

Endometriosis of uterus is one of the most common diseases among women of productive age is endometriosis — an abnormal benign tumor tissues on a structure similar to estrogen (mucosa, lining the uterine cavity). Sprawl endometriosis monthly transformed and spread to other tissues in the body women, forming a good tangible and painful adhesions. Normal endometrium matures and is released from the body during menstrual cycle, however, there are Read more

Correction of adolescent changes

Adolescence – a very important stage in a person's life. At this time the formation and the final development of the reproductive system. There are a number of different diseases of the female reproductive system, which, unfortunately, can occur in children and adolescents. Very often, gynecological diseases occur in the child's body is hidden, do not worry and do not have pronounced symptoms, that Read more

Treatment of infertile marriages

Depressing the statistics tell us, that there are more and more couples, who cannot conceive and give birth to a child naturally. Such marriages are known as futile. The term, applied to young and healthy enough to couples, you sometimes need very little help and support for the conception and birth of a baby, seems unduly categorical. Infertility treatment is not Read more

Selection of contraception

Despite the large number of very diverse information about methods of contraception, a large number of women still face the problem of unwanted pregnancies. Although the operation of abortion performed now quickly and painlessly, Still do not expose your body and the risk of future.

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