Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Treatment of osteoarthritis

Many spinal degeneration associated with salt deposits in the cervical spine, but this is just confusing. Osteochondrosis may actually relate to any part of the spine and is degenerative and dystrophic processes in the intervertebral discs.

Posture correction

Curvature of bearing is the most common disease of the musculoskeletal system in adolescents and children of primary school age. According to statistics, to 60% today's children have kyphosis, scoliosis and lordosis, that leads to improper operation of the organism of the child. Posture increasingly genetically deterministic, but the formation of the posture during childhood is also dependent on other external factors, as a result of which Read more

Detoxification – the process of cleansing the body

Excess of education agents, and this is supported by age, wrong character and power mode, excessive physical and mental activity, violation of sanitary norms, stress, tobacco smoking, alcohol abuse, other bad habits, the uncontrolled intake of medicines, illness or detoxification system failure, leads to samootravleniû of the organism.

Thermo SPA

THERMO-SPA procedure allows you to hover over water, enjoy the cozy warmth and the sounds of music. Each procedure is a small vacation! You just lie down on a water bed, a pleasant temperature. Bath rises to the top. Body, without changing the position of, immersed in sogrevaûŝuû water, causing a pleasant feeling of "weightlessness". Massage performed circular movements, If the hands of an experienced masseur from stop to occiput. Before Read more


NASA uses the flotation process to stimulate the State of weightlessness and isolation for space research. For the first time, the phenomenon of floatacii (THERMO-SPA) was found in the 1960 year due to American physiotherapist John Lyly. Exploring the problems in Physiology and psychology, Dr. drew attention to the unique natural treatments, who have been in North Carolina local hippies. In the caves with warm salty Springs youngsters have added Read more

Hydrotherapy – purgation of toxins

Colon cleansing is the most perfect, safe and effective detoxification and colon, allowing for a certain course of treatments to clear all its departments, the modern version of the ancient method of healing Massage (water therapy or bowel irrigation, intestinal lavage) – is a gentle colon cleansing with water or aqueous solutions in order to detoxify and restore the normal flora. Many people think, that the hydro- – Read more

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