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breast Lipofilling

Dream women to move extra weight from the abdomen and thighs to the chest ceased to be unworkable. Modern plastic surgery is ready to every whim of the patient and make a reality in one place to remove, and in another - add.

otoplasty – Down with all the complexes!

Dreams Come True! Today, we have carried out a cherished dream of our charming young patient)) otoplasty – Down with all the complexes! Protruding ears are no longer a problem!

Bulkhorn – Lip augmentation

Bulkhorn (subnazalny surgical lifting of the upper lip) – operation, Increases the height of the red portion of the lips and reduce the height of the skin of the upper lip.

otoplasty – Make your ears beautiful

More and more often we are confronted with the aesthetic problem of protruding ears in children and adults. Droopy ears always been a cause of mockery at school, University, ridicule colleagues and the most important issues in people's lives – complexes because of the appearance and self-doubt. Looking teenagers making their ears glued with superglue (which is extremely dangerous for the health!), and adults at all, occasionally, Read more

Lipografting – changing the contour of the face and body

Липофилинг (lipografting, lipomodelirovanie, lipotransfer), autologous fat transfer involves those areas of, where there is a deficit. This method is widely used to make up the volume in different areas of the face and body as well as the breast augmentation.


Sex hormones largely determine our health and even our appearance. Sorry, sometimes their effect is unpredictable and leads to some oddities and unpleasant situations. Ginekomastia men is a consequence of the activity of estrogen in the male body, When often resort to forced surgery.

Ingrown nail

Ingrown nail is not pleasant, But times, When this problem could interfere with normal human life, remained in the distant past. Now the slightest manifestation of vrastaûŝego of the nail is removed easily and safely with the help of modern technologies, among them the most popular and reliable is to remove the ingrown toenail laser treatment. This technique has been successfully applied by specialists Tornado MG, that treatment Read more

Ear lobe repair

Striving for excellent, We want to always be beautiful and young. Often even the most minor drawback is able to spoil the overall impression and disturb the harmony of our appearance. Ears though are very modest part of our body, but at least deserve close attention. Therefore, to improve the aesthetic appearance, earlobe PLASTY-frequently used operation.

Laser tattoo removal

The Reasons For, why people remove tattoos, can be very different: changed tastes; favorite, the name was applied by hand, turned out to be the wrong woman; instead of a snake from the master happened to draw a tiny worm; It turned out, that character, who shows off on the entire back, means is not the, that thought the holder, and so on.

Italian mezoniti

Italian samorassasyvaûŝiesâ niti Dermafil Happy Elevator (Happy Lift Dermafil): effect of plastic surgery without incision, scars and anesthesia! Tornado Medical Group was one of the first in Kherson, which offers our patients a new revolutionary technology-kaprolaktonovye samorassasyvaûŝiesâ filaments with knurled for lifting the soft tissue is Dermafil Happy Elevator.

removal of papillomas

Modern methods of treatment of Papilloma

Papilloma is caused by papillomavirus benign skin tumor, the size and number of which can increase rapidly. Papilloma may be congenital or caused by virus, or as a result of the chronic inflammatory process. The Tornado MG experience in addressing and remove papillomas.

What moles are dangerous?

Moles can give the appearance of unique charm, Remember Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford. But sometimes a mole becomes a serious reason for going to the doctor the tornado. What are moles, When to delete. All this read below.

Scars and scars – How to handle them

From the appearance of scars and scar tissue, unfortunately, No one is safe. They can cause serious injury, regular cuts. Skin defects after Burns, plastic surgery, Cesarean. Even Mole removal, or rough shave leaves small scars. Of course, external scars and scarring do not cause health problems. But the scars are only men. Women with scars Read more

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