Center weight correction

Effective rate of weight loss in TORNADO MG

At the medical center of Tornado are held most effective treatments in aesthetic medicine. Price for 10 total sessions 3700 UAH. Pressure is a Pressure point massage through a managed system alternating pressure and increases in certain areas of the body. System focused on moving the venous and lymphatic flows from ankles to thighs. The procedure is intended to enhance the blood circulation Read more

The right mix of products

The ability to combine products-the whole art. Naturally, usually the main purpose are taste sensations, However, you should pay attention to the, how useful would such a Union. There are several variations of combinations of products, recognized nutritionist insanely useful. Read the article about useful combinations of products.

Liposuction: slepi a toned body

Liposuction (from the Greek. lipos – fat and Eng. suction – suction) is the aesthetic surgery, designed to remove fatty deposits on thighs, buttocks, the abdomen, as well as hands around his neck and Chin. Recently, liposuction has become one of the most common cosmetic surgeries, because it allows you to quickly and easily get rid of a few pounds of weight Read more

Fat grafting technology of beauty

Look attractive, without resorting to major surgery, enables modern procedure called "fat grafting". This methodology has been approved by leading European experts and has helped a huge number of people from all over the world to correct defects of appearance.

How to beat stretch marks

STRIVING FOR PERFECTION : HOW to CONQUER a woman STRIAE at any age is important self-confidence, and most importantly – in its beauty. She never even under torture confesses in his own imperfection, for example, in that, the streamers. Would prefer to spend the summer in a high fence on boring summer cottage, What will demonstrate imperfect skin on Read more

Weight loss programs

This treatment is aimed at losing weight, can be effective only with your active participation. In order to achieve your goal, necessary 6 – 8 sessions, based 1 during the session. Your beautician will determine with you the type of your cellulite. It may be, that you will comply to several criteria, it is absolutely normal. In this case,, You must combine Read more

The procedure of laser liposuction

In medicine, there is an effective method of removing excess fat - the traditional liposuction. Patients often turn to this manipulation, to remove large amounts of fat. This correction is open to several possible complications, such as numbness, some parts of the body, scarring, bruises, knolls, atrophy of the skin, infection and has a number of contraindications. Held, as a rule, under general anesthesia. Read more

Correction figures to spring

Many women are dissatisfied with their body shape and want to change something. As we approach the summer season body shaping is one of the most sought after services in beauty salons. Of course the figure – the concept is quite common, it includes many of the indicators – growth, weight, proportions, leg length, bust size and t. e. And if the cause for grief is too Read more

Laser Liposuction with Smart Lipo-

In the widely used world-wide recognized technologies of correction of excess weight, including the author's techniques. Most, cause of excess weight, is an unbalanced diet, as well as endocrine and metabolic diseases. To date,, the most progressive technology correction of fat deposits is revolutionary technology-Smart Lipo laser liposuction

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