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Italian mezoniti

Italian samorassasyvaûŝiesâ niti Dermafil Happy Elevator (Happy Lift Dermafil): effect of plastic surgery without incision, scars and anesthesia! Tornado Medical Group was one of the first in Kherson, which offers our patients a new revolutionary technology-kaprolaktonovye samorassasyvaûŝiesâ filaments with knurled for lifting the soft tissue is Dermafil Happy Elevator.

Masonite (Tredlifting) – non-invasive skin tightening

With the age of the supporting structure of our person weakens, and we lose facial fat. As a rule, This creates the effect of sagging in such areas, both cheeks, eyebrows, around the eyes, the jaw and neck. All person visually elongates, grows thin and aging. Even in young people sometimes there is PTOSIS (sagging, due to the weakened muscles).

Plasma lifting-elixir of youth of our time

Not many know, that such a coveted "elixir of youth" still exists, and this is nothing but, as your blood. Its smallest components-platelets — carry the secrets of longevity of the skin. It is composed of specific proteins, growth factors is a biologically active molecule polipeptidnye, responsible for restoration, growth and renewal of cells of our body.

facial rejuvenation

Modern methods of Facial rejuvenation

Physiological causes of aging are complex, and their effect on the face can be reduced to three main factors. Tobacco, Sun, alcohol and stress accelerate these processes. Analysis of all of these factors enables us to identify and pick up each patient an individual set of necessary procedures. Rules of procedures today are clearly identified, even if the introduction of technological innovations are needed to make changes.

Masonite: How to stay young

Beauty industry, as medical science, very quickly deployed, making great luck in the direction of skin rejuvenation. Any fresh acquisition, which is perceived by the market, shows all the most absolute technology, dozvolâûŝie fight with external indicators of weakening of the excellent and free, avoiding complications and reducing the period of assistance. Novoispečenym successful achievement of science in the name of his youth and beauty has become a way of introducing the mezonitej Read more

An innovative rejuvenation Regenlab by BoTP

Method of autologous donations with their cellular rejuvenation (Autologous Cellular Rejuvenation-ACR) is getting enriched viable platelets autoplasma, and fibrin autogelâ, rich trombinom, that allows 3-d facial correction. It is a modern method of regenerative medicine, that not only adjusts the Visual skin defects, but the reorganization of its microstructure. Indications for the use of RegenACR technologies in aesthetic medicine are:

Video: Photorejuvenation

Photorejuvenation – new enough, and, Many have seen, a very effective method. As the name, first of all it is designed to help women reverse the age-related changes of skin and body through the use of high-intensity light output, having a wavelength of 550 to 1200 nm, which is based on the action of Rejuvenation. Rejuvenation is a painless and safe procedure, and accompanied Read more

Blefaroplastika - poddяzhka century

Our eyes anciently called the "mirror of the soul", in fact they reflect not only the internal state, but also an indicator of the general state of the organism. Already we can see "bags" under the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes fishnet girls a little older 30 years, and this is not only because of the age-related changes, but, often, and due to modern lifestyles. Read more

Mezonidling – a new method of rejuvenation

For the first time in Ukraine Academy Tornado Medikal Group was represented by an innovative technology rejuvenation - Masonite or tredlifting! The essence of the procedure is to introduce into the deep layer of skin or facial muscles samorassasyvaûŝihsâ polidiaksanona-based yarns of inert material, which has a 30 years used in surgical Ophthalmology and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery. The introduction of mezonitej into the skin causes strong stimulation of education Read more

Meso-Wharton P199 - new opportunities in anti-age

Meso - Wharton P199 - injectable medical devices, designed for intensive "reparations" and rejuvenation of the skin after 40-45 years. Its mechanism of action is associated with the activation of proliferative properties of skin stem cells and restore physiological regulation of cell activity, updating of the extracellular matrix.

Bioreinforcement threads person

A few years ago, cosmetic surgeries to implant a wave themselves under the skin of golden threads, which tightens the skin, erasing the signs of aging from the face. Of course, they are popular today, but now they have a worthy alternative in the form of a more gentle method – bioreinforcement. Bioreinforcement – it is an injection under the skin bio-gel, after which 2-4 Time is completely absorbed, and in its place Read more

Фэтграфтинг (липофилинг) – high-tech beauty

Липофилинг (фэтграфтинг) - A technique for body contouring, the essence of which is to transplant (Transplant) patient's own fat. Lipofiling actively used to correct the curvature of false legs and buttocks shape correction. So, this operation eliminates post-traumatic soft tissue defects of character. Since using your own fat tissue, it is not rejected by the body and does not cause allergies. Read more

Vascular diseases of the skin

One of the most acute problems of aesthetic medicine are advanced vessels and spider veins, which can be shown, as the face, and the body. Diameter is not damaged, healthy blood vessels around 20 microns then, like extended it to utzelnchivaetsya 100 micron, and even more. As a result, there are "telsaštoktaznnž (Telangiectasia); – teU angio, ectasia (LAT.), denotes extended Read more

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