What causes dandruff and how to get rid of it

the scalp is often a seasonal phenomenon: for example, dandruff may appear in connection with the beginning of the season or cold autumn, conversely, After returning from vacation in tropical countries. Patients come to the doctor with complaints of severe itching of the scalp and, as a rule, the appearance of abundant dandruff, that is not amenable to correction by means of regime change a hair wash or shampoo. Your doctor should understand the causes, contributing to the development of Seborrhea, to prevent its strengthening, often with hair loss.

The Reasons For, on which occurs Seborrhea of the scalp

Tolčkovym factor in the development of Seborrhea of the scalp becomes the changing chemical composition of sebum. According to experts who causes, in which it occurs, can be divided into three large groups:

  • hormonal,
  • neurogenic,
  • immune.

Another important factor, which Seborrhea of the scalp, – This increased sebum Office. All of these factors lead to thickening of the stratum corneum on the head, because the skin itchy and flakes, gets swollen and inflamed.

Major pathogenetic component of this disease is considered a drožžepodobnyj fungus Pityrosporum ovale. Under normal conditions this microorganism enters into the composition of the microflora of the scalp nearly 90% population, It is centered around the sebaceous glands, because it feeds provided by skin fat. When you change the chemical composition of the emitted fat amount of fungus on scalp nearly doubles, that contributes to the development of the itching and inflammation.

If Seborrhea develops on the so-called solid type, then it appears abundant dandruff and fragile brittle hair, and oily Seborrhea worried about dandruff as yellowish plaques and untidy hair strands stick together. In any case, Seborrhea of the scalp hair loss provoked-until a persistent pattern baldness, and therefore requires timely treatment.

Hormonal causes of Seborrhea of the scalp

Seborrhea of the scalp often develops against the background of the fluctuation of hormonal background is usually occurs in adolescents in puberty, in pregnant women, women in perimenopause, Sometimes, even on the eve of the start of menstruation.

Experts recommend that you do not forget about the hereditary predisposition to develop patient Seborrhea of the scalp, what you need to be sure to ask the patient on admission. Moreover, If history should find out all about possible diseases, associated with metabolic disorders, with endocrine abnormalities. If necessary, you should assign more research, to delete a link seborej of the scalp, for example, with the presence of diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease or genital glands.

Neurogenic and immune causes of Seborrhea of the scalp

The emergence of Seborrhea of the scalp often celebrated amid stress, nedosypanij, some diseases of the nervous system. So, for example, in patients with Parkinson's disease or when there are almost always body paralysis Seborrhea in varying degrees.

Seborrhea is characteristic of most patients with immune deficiency. Moreover, Seborrhea of the scalp, many patients suffer, had undergone severe infectious diseases, after which decreased dramatically the possibility of protective forces of the organism.

Apart from the purely medical reasons, contributing to the development of Seborrhea of the scalp, always remember and other factors, capable of provoking skin irritation. We are talking about poor colouring of hair, application of aggressive hairdressing procedures, the violation diet, the impact of the external adverse factors. Trichologist Tornado MG can help identify and address the causes of scalp problems,You can use it to get rid of dandruff is much faster and more efficiently.

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