WHOM MOST reduces the density of bone tissue?

One in three women in pre-menopausal women with osteoporosis ill, the condition is exacerbated with age. When an external well-being, way from a full life to a wheelchair for osteoporosis may occur instantaneously.


  • every sixth Ukrainians have osteoporosis, and every third – osteopenia (starting osteoporosis);
  • the diagnosis do not know 2 of 3 patients, since znachimtsh symptoms (in premenopausal women) may not be;
  • even after the first diagnosis of the fracture, as a rule, do not put;
  • femoral neck in Ukraine breaks every half hour
  • each year is fixed in Ukraine 500 thousand. compression fractures (preferably osteoporotic) – every third Ukrainian from 40 years and above was such a turning point.


Measurement of bone density. This study reveals a tendency to bone fractures. The higher the bone density, the bones are more resistant to fractures.

Experts advise to undergo densitometry once in two years, to be able to timely assess the dynamics of change in bone mineral density.

That shows densitometry?

Bone Densitometry gives two measures: T-ball and ball-Z. The first is the result of comparing the density of bone tissue of the patient in comparison with the benchmark. rate is 1 points above. T-score between -1 and -2.5 serves as an occasion for the diagnosis of "osteopenia" - low mineral density. Less than 2.5 - is osteoporosis with high risk of fractures. Z-score - is the result of comparing the density of the patient's bone with an average of his age group. At too high or low Z-Vallee appoint additional medical examinations: radiography, biochemical biopsy:vitamin D,ionized calcium,intact PTH,osteocalcin,DPID,phosphorus.

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