What is hepatitis A, AND AS FROM HIM save

Viral hepatitis A is one of the world's most common infections and, primarily, It considered a childhood disease. In developed countries, it has another vulgar name - disease of dirty hands, since this in principle, and is.

Most people ill with hepatitis countries with warm climates and poor sanitation. are popular among Ukrainian tourists can take them to Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey. In Europe, this little easier, because here there is a high culture of the population and the good work of public services.

Now the question of infection with viral hepatitis A rose especially sharply against the background of diseases of many people in Nikolaev. To date, the hospital beds are almost 20 city ​​residents, and the whole reason - dirty water.

Where and how do you get?

Transmission path hepatitis A fecal-oral. That is,, they can be transmitted through contaminated products, Houseware, dishes. One of the main sources of infection is water, and it does not matter here it will be taken from sewage or shared sources. It may even be bottled water, but initially typed in some pollution sources. You can also catch and cohabitation with a person, already infected with hepatitis A.

In this case there is an option, when do you get, but have had hepatitis. So will be the case, if vaccination and the body has a sufficient amount of antibodies, who are able to resist the virus. If the antibodies have little or none at all, and the virus was in the blood, the disease is inevitable.

What are the first signs of the disease?

Firstly from hepatitis A long incubation period. It can take up to 24 days. At this time, the disease itself does not manifest completely. Then, the primary symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of SARS. Thus there is jaundice, much darker urine, and feces discolored. Increased body temperature can reach 37 °, and in some cases - and 39 °.

There is a severe course of viral hepatitis A, when acute hepatic failure develops. In this case variants are possible even fatal.

Specific treatment for hepatitis A does not exist as such. Everything is done on the basis of symptoms. Therapy aimed at detoxification - reduction in the degree of manifestation of the disease and the maintenance of hepatic function.

What to do, so as not to catch a virus?

The Only Thing, that we have it vaccinated against hepatitis B. It is not included in the overall calendar of vaccinations and is more, but here suschestvuet.Esche, of course, you need to add the observance of sanitary-hygienic regime. Here we include strict hygiene, Epidemiologists work to identify foci of infection and preventing the spread of the disease in organized groups and areas, where people live.

In this case, in this case, you need to follow the most basic rules - to adhere to the rules of hygiene (wash hands with soap before eating or cooking, after using the toilet), drink only boiled water (heat treatment to kill the virus), all fruits and vegetables before consumption should also be thoroughly rinsed, not to self-medicate.

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