The dangerous Lyme disease (ʙorrelioz)?

Infectious disease is transmitted to humans during the suction to the skin Ixodes scapularis. Active attacks is in April-May and August-September.

Ticks lower on the nature in a sunny hot weather and more in a cool and cloudy. Besides, miserable insects can get into your home with a bouquet of flowers or pets.

вызывают боррелии, which exclusively carry ticks. Infection occurs, when the insect injects saliva into the wound. Every year in Ukraine is fixed to 1500 cases of Lyme disease infection.

Initial symptoms of Lyme disease occur within 5-11 days after the bite, as is the incubation period. The first signs of flu-like symptoms.

predominantly, the bite swells up strongly, there is a red spot, may occur facial paralysis.

Delays in treatment can turn to doctors “bouquet” serious chronic diseases - from joint pain and problems with the nervous and cardiovascular systems to neurological disorders. Lyme disease can even lead to disability.

Lyme disease is treated with antibiotics, Course lasts 2 weeks before the 1 Months, and it provided, that you have early stage.


To avoid becoming a victim of the tick, should follow a few simple tips:

1. In his yard or at the cottage regularly mow the grass, since the mites, as a rule, They live near the forests and fields.

2. Take care of the clothes in the nature or a walk in the park. Not wear something on her head, monochromatic light clothing with long sleeves and long pants, that tightly hugs the body - in the light easier to spot a tick, and tight-fitting clothing to protect against the ingress of insects on the skin.

3. Inspect daily for yourself, children and pets for ticks. Examination should be repeated every 2 hour walk and after, like back home. Also check out all things, who brought with walk - Bags, blankets, etc..

4. In nature for rest better make room on the dry grass, branches, hvorosta.

5. Use to protect against these dangerous insect sprays and creams, that repel ticks.

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