Botox and Dysport

The method based on property botuličeskogo toxin type a block the transport of acetylcholine. Application of this technology allows to achieve the clinical effect for a period of 3 to 6 months.
Indications for the use of medical technology
1. Treatment of local muscle spasm
2. Smoothing the glabellar and brow wrinkles, "Crow's feet", Wrinkle Neck
3. Hyperhidrosis
Contraindications to the use of medical technology
• neuromuscular disorders (myasthenia gravis, Lambert Eaton syndrome, etc.);
• pregnancy;
• lactation;
• local inflammatory process;
• Hemophilia;
• hypersensitivity to the preparation components
Description of medical technology
The patient is informed:
• the nature of the procedure (mechanism of action, route of administration);
• about possible complications;
• the timing of the drug.
The patient has to sign the "informed consent" to the introduction of the drug (in 2 copies)
Before the procedure be carried out assessment of the patient's facial muscles by performing standard facial samples and identifies the most pronounced of mimic activity, the presence of asymmetry.
Before injection to remove makeup, remove the patient's hair under a hat, the skin of the injection process with alcohol or another disinfectant and wait for it to dry (direct contact with alcohol destroys the botulinum toxin).
In the ambulatory patient should map to record the input dose, specify the point injection, a series of, shelf life.
Dysport is a complex of botulinum toxin type a.
  • Dysport the relaxation of strained muscles, that leads to smoothing facial wrinkles/creases person.
  • The drug usually comes on 5 the day after the injection and reaches its maximum at 14 – 15 days.
  • The cosmetic effects of the introduction of drug Dysport is saved 6 – 12 months. Then you can repeat the procedure.
  • Within a few days after the procedure, it is possible to save mikrogematom, soreness at the injection site.
  • Contraindications to the procedure are: hypersensitivity to the drug component, inflammation at the injection site, aggravation in chronic disease, myasthenia gravis (quite a rare neurological disorder), antibiotic treatment, aminoglycoside (kanamycin, linkomicin, erythromycin), tetracycline, polimiksinom, Hemophilia, pregnancy or breastfeeding of the child.
  • Side effects from the treatments are temporary and reversible.
  • On accumulated in the world of statistics, insensitive to the action of a toxin observed in 0,1% cases.
After the procedure it is recommended:
1. During the first 4 hours to maintain the vertical position.
2. For the first night to make active movements of facial muscles.
3. During the first 4 months not to use antibiotics, aminoglycosides and tetracyclines.
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