BODYWAVE is a revolutionary patented the modern high-tech system, which utilizes all the advantages vibraterapii to improve your body: toning, Modeling, relaxation, rehabilitation and rejuvenation. The result - a great feeling and a feeling of absolute satisfaction, that you get after the first tanning session. Maximum results in minimum amount of time.
The revolutionary system BodyWave a special method of training, that uses all the advantages of wave vibration to maintain vitality and physical form, of sports and General (the muscular) rehabilitation. BodyWave – ideal for improving body. Athletic trainers, doctor, instructors gyms, physical therapists and orthopedists, -all recognized an amazing positive effect from the vibrations of the body: one movement, that is an amazing positive effects on muscle tissue, the nervous system, blood vessels, adipose tissue.
Motion of vibrating plate BodyWave produce wave vibrations of different frequencies, that spread throughout the body, causing a reflex muscle contraction and giving, the, body triple positive effect: Psycho-obtaining an absolute feeling of well-being (throughout the body);
Chemical-calms the vegetative nervous system; Physical-mechanical-toning, muscular system of the body due to a reflex contraction of the muscles, and lymphatic tissues (removing excess fluid from the tissues), that prevents the formation of cellulite.
The revolutionary system BodyWave and Q-Med's first goal, which are connected by a few concepts: achieving beautiful, natural Tan, the formation of the body and relaxation. This goal is realized by combining the effect of vibration systems body BodyWave with modern high-tech tanning-tanning experience models of Q-Med ((Q)-Tower 500 Bi Turbo). In just 10 minutes you get a Tan in the 3 times more common, at the same time getting many more positive physical effects on your body:
  • Anti-cellulite
  • Slimming
  • Toning muscles
  • Anti-aging effect
  • Rehabilitation
  • Relaxing massage effect is achieved through the use of low-frequency oscillations of waves (vibration). The frequency of these oscillations create dynamic effects, for toning the body tissue and lymph drainage.
Main stimuli vibration BodyWave:
  • Increase peripheral blood microcirculation (the circulation of blood in the capillary vessels)
  • Improved lymphatic drainage
  • Oxygenation and regeneration of connective tissues of the body
  • Increasing HGH in the body (growth hormone)
  • Suppressing pain
  • Develop serotina (hormone of happiness) and nejrotrofina, stimulating the brain
BodyWave system and Q-Med provides a threefold increase intensity tanning compared to conventional UV tanning session thanks to improved blood microcirculation. Only with this system you can get and feel this tingle effect» (effect of pricking the skin surface), providing more intensively on tanning, particularly in the area of the foot. Tangible results are achieved after 2 sessions of 10 minutes
BodyWave system and Q-Med provides for individual programs and impact, providing a choice of four possible programmes:
  • only UV tanning
  • cellulite
  • Weight Loss (dropping weight 0,7-1,2 kg. for 10 minute session).
  • muscle toning
BodyWave fights with the accumulation of fluid in the body, eliminating excess fluid out of tissues, Thus, preventing the formation of cellulite. Fluctuation of low frequency waves create a relaxing effect, calling the massage effect both on the spine and muscle groups, and lymphatic tissues. In this case,, the goal is "wellness" is achieved immediately: rays, like the Sun at sea, warm body, give it a natural Tan, pampering your body is unforgettable feeling of comfort, harmony and beauty.
BodyWave lets displace fat and fluid accumulation in the tissues, efficiently and quickly by acting on the problem areas of the body, delivering visible results. All, even the most lazy can lose weight and become slimmer in a very short period of time. Thanks to the heat, drainage of excess fluid from the tissues of occurs more quickly, burned more calories and increases cellular metabolism.
BodyWave can achieve amazing results, Thanks to its high performance, power and energy. It stimulates and activates all of the physical and chemical processes within the muscle-muscle groups, toning and strengthening their, giving them committed, clearly delineated forms.
The system is ideal, as for women, for men and women. BodyWave + technology intensive tanning Q-Med is perfectly combined with sports, organically supplementing it: the system optimally prepares the body for the sports and fitness exercises, toning body and warming up the muscles. And all this you get both with natural and intense Tan. BodyWave system promotes the best UV equipment integrated in a sports environment, because it provides an excellent opportunity for sportsmen and the lovers of warm up and obtain the necessary form to the sports, an effective system of rehabilitation after physical activity and sport, as well as being included in the curricula of general rehabilitation of the body, caused by the forced immobility (for example, After operating) and the loss of muscle strength.
As we can see, BodyWave is the smallest and most innovative Sports Hall for beauty salons, that you ever could imagine: miniature system solves all problems with the lack of space and includes a maximum of opportunities to achieve the classic beauty and body section of the M2. .
A revolutionary high-tech system has been effective and beneficial BodyWave effects on the body, the, creating unforgettable feeling of comfort, harmony and well-being. It is perfectly combined with other treatments of beauty industry, offering a tanning system (don't create a load on the body) and relaxation.
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