Biorevitalization – one of the most affordable and easy options of non surgical rejuvenation of human skin and wrinkle correction. This method of regeneration of the dermis and stop the aging process is deservedly popular: because biorevitalization not hurt the body, as surgery, but the results are quite comparable with the effect of plastic surgery.
Do you remember, What was elastic your skin young. Take a look at the baby's skin – It is durable and resilient. And now look at the old man's skin – It does not have the elasticity, life-giving water, that gives the skin and this property.

Statement: dry, fading skin, dehydrated skin of any etiology, decreased skin turgor and elasticity, photoaging, stress, all, preparation and / or skin recovery : peels, laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, plastic surgery.

The research of the past 10 years have shown, the first signs of aging are correlated with a reduction in the number of own hyaluronic acid, which “meets the” for density, youthful skin elasticity and tonus.

As soon as the content of hyaluronic acid in tissues decreases, — starts the accelerated aging and thinning of the skin, changing its protective capacity and as a result, our skin is more vulnerable to aggressive exposure.

The ideal solution to this problem is the program “Gold Standard Biorevitalization” drugs IAL- SYSTEM ™ and IAL- SYSTEMASR ®.

Because with age the contents of endogenous hyaluronic acid significantly reduced, to restore its optimal is BIOREVITALIZATION physiological concentrations.

Biorevitalization – This is the method of skin rejuvenation, so you can now give greater elasticity of any skin at any age period. Wrinkle correction at its core, is simple-in the process of producing multiple microinjections biorevitalization hyaluronic ksiloty into all layers of the skin. Hyaluronic acid, attracts water molecules, leads to a saturation of the DermIS and subcutaneous tissue of the same water and stimulates the cells of the DermIS to produce collagen and elastin. So, biorevitalization, which can be translated as the biological recovery of the skin, lets forget about the cosmetic problems, allows you to restore the appearance of the skin and internal structure, the main result is the impressive wrinkle correction. Although bio-revitalisation of the skin "sounds eerily, itself is not scarier biorevitalization, than normal tuck. Because biorevitalization is nothing but, as tuck. Only unusual: the biorevitalization, as content is special stuff, a rejuvenating properties, referred to below.
Wrinkle correction using bio-revitalisation is still used with great success in many countries of the world. Millions of people without any consequences have by this method and returned their youthfulness and health. Biorevitalization results in complications, do not leave unsightly scars, does not change the appearance, biorevival just makes you younger!
Procedure “NEW SKIN Biorevitalization” – radically improves the skin quality in the shortest possible time: It is the simplest procedure of correction of wrinkles. In order to achieve real results don't need treatment, enough 1-2 procedures. And the effect is prolonged compared to standard methods. This is the main advantage of the NEW SKIN biorevitalization: a significant effect of the new skin and wrinkles quickly and for long term.
Biorevitalization is a lot like its predecessor-Mesotherapy, but, In contrast,, biorevitalization works with a variety of mezokoktejlâmi, but synthetic hyaluronic acid.
For the biorevitalization uses hyaluronic acid special concentrations, which is entered into the deep dermal layer of the skin. One molecule of a substance capable of holding about yourself to 500 water molecules. Due to this the necessary internal viscosity restored biorevitalization skin layer, is it a natural moisturizing. Moreover, injections to stimulate cells in collagen and elastin, the elasticity, the smoothness and elasticity of the skin is maintained for a long time, and wrinkle correction of desire becomes a reality.. Biorevitalization is the most natural and natural way to rejuvenate your skin at the cellular level. And even more: biorevitalization slows down the process of aging at the cellular level, delaying old age as far as possible.
– Wrinkles,
– Dry skin,
– Loss of elasticity,
– Violation of the facial oval,
– Double Chin.
The NEW SKIN biorevitalization shows not only for the face, but also for other parts of the body, where the skin is aging faster: cleavage, neck and hands. Wrinkle correction can be carried out regardless of the location of the body.
– Pregnancy and breastfeeding,
– Acute febrile disease,
– Skin diseases.
Biorevitalization is contraindicated only in rare cases, When almost any interference with the body's ability to. In General, biorevitalization (Wrinkle correction) is affordable and safe return of youth.
– Wrinkle correction,
– Reduction of double chin,
– Lifting facial,
– Increase flexibility and elasticity of the skin,
– Improved colour.
Biorevitalization helps to cope with virtually all of the manifestations of aging skin, making all the layers of the DermIS by elastic, smooth and elastic.
There Are No. Biorevitalization requires no special training.
– Limit the use of sauna, Baths, the pool during the 10 days,
– Do not sunbathe on the Sun and in tanning salons during the 10 days.
All, who are not yet ready to go under the surgeon's scalpel, but already understands, the skin appears aged, You can safely recommend the NEW SKIN biorevitalization is successfully used in many countries, a safe and effective method of!
As far as fiziologična to the body's hyaluronic acid?
In the first half of the 20th century, scientists discovered a LEDGER in the human body and learn about her amazing properties, including the ability to repair damaged cells by learning to synthesize in vitro, from the 60 's, it was successfully used in ophthalmology, arthrology, surgery, etc.. by entering into the damaged tissue. We have conducted extensive research on applications of its and Oncology. While in the skin. HK performs many critical functions, the PM is responsible for skin hydration, turgor, color, elasticity and more.
What is the method of bio-revitalisation?
Innovation And. Di Pietro and j. Di Website was, they have CC with specific parameters in healthy skin, and she. not finding any other damage, In addition to the natural aging of skin cells, fibroblasts, start work on them, forcing them to share.
Why should intensify Division fibroblasts in adulthood?
Fibroblasts, like any other cells, share. They produce their own CC, and she, in turn,, is responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the muscle fibers of the skin. With age, all physiological processes in the body slows down, and, activating the Division of fibroblasts by injecting biorevitalizatorov, runs a number of mechanisms, responsible for skin renewal: synthesis of their own?. as well as the collagen and elastin synthesis.
Why biorevitalization called Basic procedure in cosmetics?
Reason for external signs of aging skin: Wrinkles, lethargy, decrease in elasticity and moisture is to reduce the number of fibroblasts. But the consequence of – It is the loss of LEDGER in the skin and thinning of collagen and elastin.
Therefore, to restore the quality of the skin and slow down the aging process, you must. primarily. the cause of the: increase the number of fibroblasts. And then with the help of all other cosmetic means you can increase their activity.
What CC can be incorporated to achieve the effect of bio-revitalisation?
The same scientists and. Di Pietro and j.. Di Sante empirically derived, the process of dividing of fibroblasts is run only if the following conditions are met:
1. Hyaluronic acid is not stable (natural, not chemically modified, kativnaâ
2. Molecular weight? – ie. the length of the target molecule – should be about 1 million. Dalton.
3. Concentration of HC in the preparation must be above 15 mg/ml.
4. The drug must be visco-elastic konstistencii. If not, at least one of the conditions, Division fibrobpasta will not happen, sledandatelno, There will be no effect biorevitalization; update the skin and slow down the aging process.
Whether the effect of drugs on the basis of stabilized biorevitalization?: fillers and drugs gidrorezerva?
HC interacts with fibroblastom via the cellular mechanism of cell receptor CD44. as key and lock. Stabilizers, present in the stable?, "not recognized"
receptor key does not fit. Preparations on the basis of stabilized GC are intended for other purposes: fillers for filling wrinkles, and drugs gidrorezerva: for dpitel′nogo hold èody in the tissues.
What does molecular weight??
GK in tissues can only be a certain amount of time, after which it is excreted from the body At this time and is designed to 1 million. Dalton, for which LEDGER manages to stimulate fibroblast Division. In a series of experiments with various chain lengths of CC revealed. that substantial deviations from 1 million. Dalton in any of the parties involved. dramatically reduce the effect.
That means the concentration of HC?
GC is not in its pure form, and the solution. Proven, that concentration of CC below 15 mg/ml has no effect biorevitaliziruûŝego: its too small, to start dividing of fibroblasts. This concentration can only increase their activity and not more than. Concentrations of more than 20 mg/ml make it too dense and not suitable for technician biorevitalization.
Why is it so important is consistency of drug vâzkoèlastičnaâ?
The studies found, that, in order, to fibroblast started to share, must be present in the tissues of biorevitalizatora 10-14 days. It also assures its gel structure: a drop of gel and water drop, applied on a wet surface. behave differently. Creating gepevoj form GC without stabilizers, zaguŝaûŝih it, quite a complex process, carried out by a single producer. Liquid konstistenciâ same. the LEDGER-based mezopreparaty. Rapidly distributed in the tissues and eliminated from the body within 1 days, not having the time to stimulate the fibroblasts. because the intended for other purposes: for active tissue saturation moisture or for mixing with other ingredients in mezokoktejli.
What else affects the quality of the drug for the biorevitalization?
The skin is responsible for the body's immune defense. This property does not have all the. For example, vnutriglazničnaâ area immune from this protection.
Therefore, preparations for the intradermal injection of Ophthalmology and have completely different requirements for the purity of the LEDGER is the number of protein residue. Alien protein, regularly getting into the body, causes the formation of antibodies, which, accumulate up to critical mass, may at any time cause nepreds kazuemuû allergic reaction of rejection. So the protein balance is a very important parameter of the drug, that all the major manufacturers have stated.
The cleaning process of protein is difficult and very expensive technology, impact on the price of the drug. Fundamentally all the same, What are CC: from cock's Combs scallops, or biofermentation, – in both cases, the remains of squirrels, chemically associated with GC. Destroy this relationship, without damaging the GK, available today only several leading manufacturers. And some of them just succeeded the zero removal of protein, ie. Now you can permanently apply biorevitalization, does not accumulate in body foreign protein.
Biorevitalization became not only the basic, but the safe injection procedure!
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