Biorevitalization: the effect of, procedure and effect of

One form of Mesotherapy, with healthful effects on skin, biorevitalization method is. Rejuvenation can be achieved in a relatively short time frame, Thanks to the active operating substance-drugs based on hyaluronic acid.

This modern technology is the introduction of a special gel, to enable restore elasticity, turgor, the color of the skin, body, Neck, decollete. helps fight with enlarged pores on the face, increased greasiness of the skin, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

Preparations of hyaluronic acid-this means medical supplies, that relate to intra-dermal or subcutaneous injections. Biorevitalization must run a graduate, past training use a particular drug.

Professional dermatologist, cosmetologist or plastic surgeon will choose the technique introduction, determine the number of sessions, selects the medicinal gel with hyaluronic acid individually.

Unlike other injectable procedures

When contour plastics hyaluronic acid filled with wrinkles, and due to this they are smoothed. When biorevitalization hyaluronic acid is not locally, but on the whole surface of the skin, improving its state of.
Unlike Mesotherapy on course biorevitalization requires fewer procedures and effect is seen immediately.

Effect of bio-revitalisation

Injections with hyaluronic acid, intended for saturation and hold moisture in the skin, should only be performed by a qualified physician and using drugs of the highest quality from leading manufacturers. Only if the main function of the cosmetological quality improvement activities-skin for quite a short period will be implemented.

The effect of the procedure is ensured through increased body biorevitalization develop own hyaluronic acid, which contributes to the normalization of water balance. The impacts are all metabolic processes, intensifies local blood flow, that helps boost skin elasticity, reduction of skin flabbiness, improving complexion.
Competently carried out the technique smooths the skin, eliminates wrinkles, unwanted creases. Biorevitalization is also used in the treatment of superficial STRI, Scar.

While hyaluronic acid can be used not only for mature skin. In order to prevent premature aging, Perhaps its use in young (24-27 years) age, If there are indications.

A positive effect is clearly visible in the appointment to improve the overall appearance of the bio-revitalisation and rehabilitation of dry, thin, dull skin. Injection technology fights as aging skin, and with different its defects: an intense hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, roughness.

Biorevitalization results in:

  • – The proliferation of fibroblasts
  • – The formation of new vessels
  • – Increase in formulating its own hyaluronic acid
  • – Intensification of protein synthesis (collagen and elastin)

Due to the fact, that can not only improve the biorevitalization condition sheets, but restoring the internal structure, as a result of exposure to "giaruronkoj" returns the youthfulness and skin health, retard aging.
When combined with other courses biorevitalization cosmetic procedures (chemical peelings, laser or ultrasonic peeling, phototherapy, lesions radio-wave lifting, microcrystalline dermabraziej, injections of BOTOX) You can achieve strong rejuvenating effect and postpone a trip to the plastic surgeon.

The main disadvantage of bio-revitalisation – psychological dependence. If you like the results (which lasts a maximum of six months), you will again and again have recourse to this procedure.

Hyaluronic acid properties and mechanism of effects on the skin

It is hyaluronic acid is responsible for moisture, the density of the skin. This is a natural moisturizer and a natural component of the skin, function of which is to support elasticity, elasticity, turgor.
Hyaluronic acid (Intensified Production Of Acid), hyaluronate or gialuronan refers to the mucopolisaccarides, is a part of connective, epithelial, and nervous tissues. This hydrocolloid is part of the intercellular substance of skin tissue. Hyaluronic acid independently produced in our body, but over the years this capacity decreases and its quantity decreases. Lack of hyaluronic acid leads to the loss of moisture, and, respectively, the skin becomes dull, dry, There appear wrinkles and other aging processes.

Do hyaluronic acid can be different polysaccharide chain length and different molecular weight, its properties depend.
Hyaluronic acid molecules with a lower molecular weight better and more quickly penetrate the skin and provide a quick moisturizing effect, and drugs with molecules of medium and high molecular weight are designed for long-lasting hydration.
Hyaluronic acid is nontoxic and well tolerated by the body, does not cause allergy.
The basis for the biorevitalization put the delivery of drugs into the skin cells with hyaluronic acid by injection. Medications should be introduced intracutaneously or subcutaneously, because a deeper introduction or injection duration adjustment effect will be much less due to accelerate the metabolism of hyaluronic acid.

During interaction with the receptor cells, «gialuronka», received special biotechnology by, actively stimulates tissue regeneration. Thanks to the launch of the regeneration process, rapid natural rejuvenation of the skin.

The ability of hyaluronic acid molecules hold more 500 molecules of water next to a used when biorevitalization. Molecules of hyaluronic acid after the introduction of the start to be broken down into smaller structural units of Mono- and disaccharides, which are the building blocks for the regeneration of its own hyaluronic acid. Such reparative therapy normalizes the necessary viscosity subcutaneous layer, providing natural moisture.

Hyaluronic acid stimulates fibroblasts, which contribute to the formation of their own new components of the DermIS: glycosaminoglycans, retikulârnogo collagen type III, elastin.

Technology introduction of drugs with hyaluronic acid

The instructions specified different drugs depth introduction material in fabric. This is different to the rheological properties of materials and speed of biodegradation. Selection of injection technique on each zone depends on the processing condition of skin, the justification for its trauma, personal experience doctor, as well as the goals of therapy and always remains at the discretion of the specialist.

Microinjection. The drug should be on depth 1 mm (papillary layer of the DermIS). Needle plunges into the fabric at an angle 30-45 degrees, then you enter a small amount of the drug with the formation of papules. When processing the neck area, decollete, hands slice the needle must be turned down strictly, deep tissue to reduce trauma.

Types of microinjection:

1. Technique “pikotaž” (picotage – French easy bite, prick) represents a microinjection, that run in the superficial DermIS in the distance 1 inches apart. Such a minimum depth of impact allows hyaluronic acid work zone Grenca, that corresponds to the section of the papillary layer of the DermIS with increased activity of fibroblasts.

2. Technique “point by point” is a series of microinjections, simulate linear introduction material. Injections are performed back to back each other directly on the go with the formation of small papules to 1 mm. Mainly, designed for carrying out the delicate zone of mimic wrinkles, where the linear injection technique is very traumatic (periorbital region, wrinkles smiles) or extremely painful (perioralnaya area).

Technics papules is an intradermal injection of mikropapul education. The needle is inserted to a depth 1-2 mm angled 30-45 degrees through 1-2 cm. Papules are designed for prolonged drug action – creates a kind of Depot, allowing the diffusion of the drug comes with lesser speed. The size of the papules on the face 3-4 mm, in the area of the eye – 2 mm, on the neck – 2-3 mm, Body – to 5 mm. On your face, you can use any convenient direction cut needle. In the areas of neckline, Neck, the back of the hand needle injected cut down, to make the procedure less traumatic and reduce the number of typed material in 1,5-2 times compared to the person handling.

Linear motors

The introduction of a needle is carried out to its full length parallel to the surface of the skin, the drug is evenly injected while going astern needles. To perform this manipulation uses the needle length 13 mm, which is inserted under the skin (cut down) at an angle 30-45 degrees to a depth 1 mm (Ial System, akial′, Teosyal meso) must be clearly visible path of needles, but it should not prevent the. Using drugs Ial System ASR needle is inserted to a depth 4 mm, its contours should not be visible, then its further intradermalno the full length parallel to the surface of the skin. The drug is injected when moving the needle back in the form of a line, evenly pushing the syringe plunger until retirement needles from skin, to the last part of the injection of the drug does not come under the epidermis. Interlocking lines form one continuous line, the wrinkle (fold), to the desired level.

Linear technique is carried out in areas, where you want to create a frame, additional support aging skin and where the quality of the fabric allows you to painlessly enough to hold these traumatic technique: reinforcement of the cheek area, extended correction of wrinkles, folds, cast corners of lips.

Types of linear techniques

1. Technique “fan” is a series of linear injection, divergent fanning out from a single point, which is performed without removing needle. The needle on the periphery of the zone have an introduction and conducted the first linear injection. Further, not withdrawing the needle tip from fabric, needle unfold in the frontal plane at a slight angle, and the second and subsequent linear injection. This kind of technology is used in the zone descended corners of lips, the upper third of nasolabial folds, with the increase of lips.

2. Technique “grid” is a series of linear injection, intersecting in one plane and one depth angle 90 degrees relative to each other. First, a series of injections in the horizontal direction parallel to each other at a distance 1,3 cm (needle length), and then a series of crisscrossing linear injection angle 90 degrees, as a result of which the skin is formed by characteristic figure, reminiscent of the grid.

This kind of technology is conducted to increase the amount of soft tissue in areas expressed depression and lipoatrofii: cheeks, cheekbones, drooping mouth corners, Crow's feet area, reinforcement lost turgor pressure. When execution should get the effect of soft tissue filling.

Short-line appliances is conducted to create a long hydration or potentiating actions based on hyaluronic acid fillers. Drugs are injected small doses in the middle layer of the DermIS, the needle is injected at an angle 30-45 degrees to the middle or on the 1/3 needles. The drug is injected on reverse needle melkokapel′nymi doses at a distance 0,5-1 cm.

Preparations for holding biorevitalization

There is a 2 the most common types of drugs, which are included in a single programme «gold standard» biorevitalization and approved for use in Russia, and in Europe: IAL System («Ial-System) System and IAL ACP production company Has (Italy). Safety of medicinal gel guarantee manufacturer, providing high degree of purification, excellent characteristics of the active substance.

In preparations IAL System used 2 % hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. These drugs can solve the following tasks: Wrinkle correction, improvement of turgor and elasticity, moisturizing and lifting effect creation. Can be used in the neck and décolleté. The effect observed with 3-it procedure, and after a full course is saved 4-6 months. Usually the course is: one treatment every three weeks during 3-4 months.

Initially, the basic course is performed using drug IAL System. During the first 1-3 There is an enrichment procedures skin hyaluronic acid. To consolidate the effect, another course is carried out, consisting of 1-2 procedures, which uses the drug IAL System ACP, dense and steady consistency. As a result, this technique produces marked, long-term effect.

As biorevitalizantov are also widely used drugs "Restylane Vital», «Stylage Hydro», «Surgilift», "Teoseal Meso».

Drug Restylane Vital ("Restylane Vital») consists of stabilized hyaluronic acid. It retains the original amount of fabrics as resorption of hyaluronic acid, Since the amount of retained water in the skin does not change for a long time. This drug is mainly for people after 40 years, as well as for skin with signs of photoaging. Very good anti-aging effect can be obtained in combination with contour plastics, chemical peelings, as well as the introduction of BOTOX and other rejuvenating treatments. Minus of this drug-the opportunity to receive subcutaneous infiltrates, that manifest themselves in the form of tuberosity of the skin, Therefore it is necessary to do the massage and other procedures for resolving. Apply on the neck and décolleté is not recommended. Usually the course is 3 procedures through 2-4 weeks.

There are gels, which are manufactured on the basis of hyaluronic acid, but have additional supplements: amino acids, vitamins, etc. For injection of youth "Skin applied R, Meso-Wharton, DMAE, NCTF 135, Antiradikal′nyj complex, etc.

Skin R («Skin») – This new generation of, in his composition in addition to hyaluronic acid is composed of amino acids, that affect protein synthesis (collagen and elastin) fibroblasts. Has a strong regenerating and lifting effect on the skin. Apply for the correction of stretch marks or sagging skin. Can be used on the face, neck, the abdomen, the hips, cleavage, the hands.

Meso-Wharton (Meso Wharton) combined preparation.
In composition, declared by the manufacturer, includes:
– 1,56% biosintetičeskaâ hyaluronic acid

– Peptide P199, which is a synthetic analogue of embryonic peptide, stimulates proliferatiou skin stem cells and starts the process of cell renewal

– Epidermal growth factor – an active proliferator known polypeptide growth factors, that slows down the chronological aging skin

– Insulin-like growth factor – effect on intracellular metabolism, stimulates cell renewal

– Fibroblast growth factor – participates in the processes of healing and skin regeneration

– Tioredoksin – is the strongest antioxidant, protects cell membranes from free radicals, activates the regeneration of new cells, reduces the severity of wrinkles

– Med′soderžaŝij tripeptide encapsulated in nanosomes – increases the mitotic activity of the cells and the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Has potent anti-inflammatory action.

The drug is intended for patients after 40 years.

Indications for use, specified by the manufacturer.

1. Prevention of aging skin and skin dehydration.

2. Age-related changes of the skin, such as wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity, "saggy skin.

3. Preparation of plastic surgery and as postoperative skin rehabilitation.

4. Skin recovery after median and deep peels and laser abrasives.

5. Hyperpigmentation.

Contraindications, specified by the manufacturer:

1. Acute inflammatory skin rash at the injection site (acne, herpes)
2. Skin diseases
3. Hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid
4. Autoimmune diseases or immunnosupressornoj therapy
5. The presence of the implant in place of the alleged injection
6. Pregnancy and lactation
7. Age younger than 39 years

The positive effect of this drug is visible anti-aging action. The downside of the drug Vartona is the lack of knowledge of meso effects from stimulation of stem cells.

Course is recommended by the manufacturer:

39-49 years- 4 procedure once a week, then 2 treatments at intervals of two weeks. Supporting course – Once in 8 weeks.

50-65 years- 6 procedures once a week, and then 2 treatments at intervals of two weeks. Supporting course – Once in 4 weeks.

Indications and contraindications for the biorevitalization


1. Correction of wrinkles
2. Treatment of poorly toned (flabby) facial skin, neck and décolleté
3. Hydration (humidification) Skin
4. Skin treatment with low turgorom, tone, elasticity
5. For training and rehabilitation after the line of chemical and laser peels, dermabrasion procedures, laser resurfacing and plastic operations
6. Photoaging, stress, all


1. Idiosyncrasy of hyaluronic acid
2. Acute inflammatory processes on the skin
3. Autoimmune diseases, propensity for emergence of keloid and hyperplastic scar
4. Oncological diseases
5. Cardiovascular disease (hypertensive heart disease, coronary heart disease, the transferred heart attacks)
6. Diseases of the blood (Hemophilia, thrombocytopenia)
7. Receiving anticoagulants and drugs, reduce blood clotting
8. Diabetes mellitus
9. Pregnancy and breast-feeding
10. Age to 18 years
11. Mental illness
12. Damage to the skin in the area of procedure
13. The presence of biodegradable injectable implants in the treatment area
14. Held less than laser resurfacing 1 month ago
15. Conducted chemical peeling less 2 weeks ago
16. Held blepharoplasty less 10 days ago

Holding procedures

Before the procedure is not required to conduct a special training. Recommended for 2-3 day refuse painkillers, anti-inflammatory and sohm, as well as alcoholic beverages.

Professional cosmetologist begins with consultations and anamnesis, When the desired processing zone are discussed, customer wishes in the choice of drug, expected and possible outcomes, contraindications, complications.

Is make-up removers. Then, at the request of the client, the doctor may conduct anesthesia 5% cream "Èmla" under occluzionnuyu cast on 15-30 minute. Packaging with the drug the doctor reveals in the presence of the patient directly before the procedure. It is a disposable syringe, filled with drug, who is ready for the procedure.

The doctor rubs seats injection antiseptic agent and proceed to introduction (subcutaneous or intracutaneous) the drug. A thin needle specialist makes injection, introducing a specific quantity of drug in certain points. To fully process requires multiple injections. Cosmetologist can choose one of the techniques of obkalawania-point, papul′nuû or linear, Depending on the assigned tasks. Some drugs (IAL System ACP and Restylane Vital) call for razminaûŝego massage (to distribute the drug in tissue during 5 minute), with the subsequent imposition of sterile gauze napkin soaked in chilled sterile saline solution for relieving swelling and Erythema. At the end of the procedure the cosmetologist handles injection site antiseptic and imposes drugs with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic (Traumeel cream with, gel Kuriozin, panthenol). Biorevitalization procedure usually takes place during the 30-50 minute.

Biorevitalization course with hyaluronic acid is usually 3-6 procedures. And although the result will be noticeable after the first visit of cosmetological Cabinet, for maximum effect, it is recommended that you take a few sessions with an interval of 3-4 weeks. Depending on skin condition and medical evidence, Sometimes you need a month to repeat the recovery course of the skin, that will allow to consolidate the result.
If the course has to be interrupted biorevitalization, going on vacation or travel, what you can do 2 procedure prior to departure, to look good on vacation, and the rest spend on arrival.

After the first procedure small wrinkles are smoothed, sticking to the facial contour, the skin acquires healthy appearance. But this effect will last about 1-1,5 weeks, After that the effect of hyaluronic acid will decrease, and injections need to be repeated. But after going through the entire course of the skin will look better, younger over 6 months.

Skin condition after biorevitalization and care

Immediately after the procedure the skin is swollen and reddened is the expected reaction, which runs for 1-2 days. It is recommended that during the first days of use products with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, who appointed you the doctor-cosmetologist.
During 2 weeks it is recommended to apply sunscreen with a factor not below 30 SPF.
During 1-3 days it is not recommended to apply makeup, use cosmetics, should try to generally exclude any touching treated plot.

Consolidate the outcome helps correct behavior: on 1-2 week by deleting any therapeutic, surgical interventions on the face, peelings, temperature changes, as well as hiking in the solarium and prolonged exposure in the Sun. Until complete healing of the skin should not use the swimming pool, Sauna, exercise, to do heavy physical work.
The positive results of the skin condition, many women say after the first procedure. There is lightness and breathable leather, associated with the moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid. Many patients notice improvement of turgor, the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Possible complications

Unlike many cosmetic manipulations, When biorevitalization recovery period short, So how serious injuries of skin. As temporary side effects may cause local redness or pallor. Sometimes it can be mild or moderate edema, swelling and soreness at the site of processing. Recommended procedures lymph (massage, hardware lymph drainage) to remove puffiness and rapid obtaining the desired result. These complications have to disappear through 2-3 days.

After the procedure, the formation of small lists, or linear elevations on site pricks. Permissible increase during 1-3 hours after the procedure, associated with water absorption of hyaluronic acid from surrounding tissues. Similar phenomena have to disappear through 1-2 a day at the facial skin and through 2-3 days on the neck, in cleavage. If the manifestations are not more than 3 days, You should see a doctor.
There is a risk of infection in non-compliance with rules of aseptics and antiseptics during the procedure, or if not the doctor's recommendations after. Treatment of antibacterial drugs.

Minor bleeding and a small bruise may appear from clients when brittle blood vessels or incorrect injection technique for this zone. To avoid the appearance of a large hematoma hemorrhage when prompted, should implement compression by pressing with your fingers over the 2-3 minutes of the injection zone. Treatment is a cream with heparin.

Allergic reactions rarely occur on drugs with hyaluronic acid. Treatment: oral antihistamines and local ointments with hormones.

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