Biologique Recherche Fluide VIP O2

Professional French cosmetics You can perform a variety of cosmetic problems, avoiding aggressive methods of influence on skin. BR cosmetics facial includes a whole range of drugs: This milk, Lotions, masks, creams, highly concentrated and finishing serum. Program for skin care using goes through two phases: the initial phase of care directly and.

The magical effect of the product on a daily basis protects the health and beauty of the skin, giving it an unusual glow
For Her: A perfect base for make-up, sublimator colour
For Him: Great tool-care after shave, that protects and softens the skin


  • Stimulates the natural functions of the epidermis, enriches the skin with oxygen
  • Soothes the skin, lightens diffuse redness
  • Revitalizes and regenerates the epidermis
  • Prevents skin aging


  • Oksigenirujushhij and smoothing component: Special Oksigenirujushhij Complex Biologique Recherche
  • Health-restoring and regenerating active components: Mimosa tree bark extract, Witch Hazel extract
  • Moisturizing antioxidant component: Silk extract


On the surface the person, neck and neck, Eye Contour. Apply a few drops of the morning and/or evening. For severely dehydrated skin it is recommended to combine Fluide VIP O2 with serum Sérum Amniotique (E). or Sérum Extrait Tissulaire during 2 the first few weeks of use

Recommended for:

any skin conditions

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