Benzoyl peroxide in the treatment of acne

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the main tools for local therapy and one of the most affordable means. When using systemic therapy should include benzoyl peroxide as a means of concomitant therapy.

Joseph Bikowski, MD

Acne -an extremely common phenomenon, especially among inhabitants of megacities, which are more susceptible to adverse environmental influences Wednesday.

A few figures:

  • Acne infects approximately 85% Adolescents (of them 25% with severe degree).
  • Active forms of acne suffers 20% adults.
  • About 50% women celebrate the rash outbreaks regularly.
  • Acne prone teens most often, but its manifestations occur prior to age 50!

When acne primarily affected person, that is one of the main bodies of interpersonal communication, that often reduces human self-esteem, give rise to anxiety and depression. This is especially true for adolescents and manifests itself in the form of isolation, irritability, difficulties of adaptation in the social sphere.

Cosmetic industry produces huge amounts of drugs and money to fight acne, as cosmetologists and dermatologists have gained huge experience in treating acne. Given the importance of the problem, We would like to acquaint readers with one of the most effective and affordable drugs-benzoyl peroxide.

The use of benzoyl peroxide (BPO) in medicine has a long history. Even in the 1905 year Loevenhart tried to apply the medication for the treatment of burns and varicose ulcers. Later the benzoyl peroxide used in outdoor therapy and ihtiozov for skin whitening for different types of hyperpigmentation. Already in 1920 year Jack Breitbart first tries to use this agent for correction of acne and achieves positive results. And the widespread use of benzoyl peroxide began in the middle of the 60-ies of the last century, BPO is still one of the drugs of choice in the conduct of adolescents and adults with Acne.

Why 2010 year FDA (The food and drug administration, USA) announced the benzoyl peroxide is the most safe and effective local drug for Acne control? In order to achieve the cleansing from existing elements and prevent the formation of new, efficiently affect the maximum number of pathogenetic links.

The main factors of development of acne: Follicular Hyperkeratosis + increased production of sebum + reproduction of Propionobacterium acnes. Enzymes (P). Acnes break down sebum on the free fatty acids, released chemotactic factors, that start a cascade of inflammatory reactions, that leads to inflammatory elements.

Since it is P. Acnes, rather their metabolites, lead to the development of inflammation and formation of inflammatory acne in the form of papules and pustules, the key role played by antibacterials. Benzoyl peroxide unlike antibiotics have a direct toxic effect on bacteria-when you hit the tallow-hair follicle benzoyl peroxide turns to benzoic acid with oxygen allocation, high concentration which leads to death of anaerobic bacteria, including those resistant to antibiotics. So by the end of the second week of topical preparations with the SAI, the number of bacteria on the skin and in the sebaceous glands is reduced virtually to zero. Bacteriostatic action, in conjunction with anti-inflammatory effect of benzoyl peroxide leads to rapid resolution of (by the end of the second or early third week) papulopustulëznyh items. It should be noted, that the mechanism of action of SAI is so simple and effective, that this drug works always, regardless of the duration and number of previous courses, Unlike antibiotics, never causes resistance in bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide is also effective for the correction of non-inflammatory acne, namely, open and closed comedones, thanks to keratolitičeskomu and komedonolitičeskomu action.

Benzoyl peroxide is very convenient for application and home, and in the Cabinet with the ability to create a variety of forms: cleansing gels, tonic, Scrubs, corrective drugs. They allow you to develop a complete scheme of domestic and professional care.

Home care scheme

All the steps in the morning and in the evening:

  1. Purification -twice a day, with very oily skin 3 once a day. Using a scrub and gel cleanser with benzoyl peroxide.
  2. Toning -antiseptic tonic.
  3. Èksfogel′ -adjustment medication with fruit acids. This stage enter, only when the skin already accustomed to benzoyl peroksidu. Apply every day on the field, exposed acne, for better penetration of benzoyl peroxide.
  4. Benzoyl peroxide -the area prone to Acne. Water-based gels best penetrate the sebaceous glands, cleanse the skin, solve the problem of open and closed comedones, prevent the formation of new lesions. Gel with benzoyl peroxide 5% designed to treat mild forms of acne, 10% -moderate forms of acne, 10% with gray-for secondary forms of chest and back acne.
  5. Hydration -to minimize irritation and flaking over SAI any concentration should apply a moisturizer/emulsion/gel.
  6. Protection is a drug with ultraviolet filters. Daily SPF protection is necessarily, because SAI may increase skin sensitivity to the Sun.

To minimize side effects start applying benzoyl peroxide should 2-3 hours in the evening, gradually increasing the time finding drug on the skin.

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