Hardware pampering

LDG-4 - A new multifunctional machine, который разработан Ericson Laboratoire (France) to improve the efficiency cosmetic care for face and body. Used as an independent highly effective method of hardware cosmetology.
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LDG has a number of advantages over other devices:
• combination with ultrasonic technology, increasing the efficiency of procedures due to the possible introduction of active substances into the skin;
• сеанс LDG – it 5 sequential programs:
  • Removing stress areas in the skin and underlying tissues by the nozzle with rotating balls
  • activation of lymph nodes, from the supraclavicular and ending ankle, for subsequent dumping of lymph
  • lymphatic drainage – massaging motion along the lymphatic vessels in the direction of lymph nodes, providing detoxification (purification) whole organism from metabolic products, eliminating the cause of cellulite – lymphostasis and slags
  • defibroz – active warm-up movements by type of rolling waves on a vacuum roller tips, leading to the destruction of the fibrous strands in cellulite areas, and the smoothing effect “orange peel”
  • final lymphatic drainage – “wet cleaning” cleavage products of adipose tissue
• the machine has a nozzle body, and facial – to fleksodermii and sonoforeza;
• For the procedure does not require a special suit, which provides a more intimate contact with the nozzle apparatus of problem sites!
Procedure apparate LDG – this is a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of high technology solutions aesthetic problems, coupled with a true French touch, general healing effect on the entire body, Ukrainian is now available to women and men!!!
The union of two advanced technologies – fleksodermii (vacuum roller massage) and sonoforeza (ultrasound) - Allows you to effectively influence the various problems of skin and body.
Solving problems with LDG:
  • increase skin elasticity
  • stimulation of the circulatory system and the lymphatic drainage
  • fat splitting
  • removal of edema
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