Pedicure "Gentle heels»

Spring offer from TORNADO MG – pedicure "Gentle heels» costs 275 UAH!

Medical (hardware) pedicure – It is not only hygienic procedure skincare and nails of the feet, but targeted therapeutic methods, used to address specific health concerns.

The use of chemical razmâgčitelej instead of foot baths raises apparatus pedicure process to a new level. Guaranteed protection from sexually transmitted infections and excellent results – the main advantages of these drugs. Cutters are used as tools of various modifications, What does the procedure of apparatus pedicure painless and not traumatic, and also allows you to quickly and more fully address the hard horny layer (corns, corn, etc.). Spaying tool is the most reliable method – autoclaving..

Problem, that solves medical (hardware) pedicure:

  • hyperkeratosis (corns) – the emergence of hard horny layer.
  • ingrown toenail.
  • Hyperhidrosis-profuse sweating.
  • restoration of the lost nail injury.

Benefits medical pedicure:

  • instead of water, use special softening cream, that minimizes the risk of infection of fungus. The cream had an impact only on the keratinous layer of skin.
  • a more thorough treatment of the foot. There, where the razor or pumice to clean already dangerously, Special nozzle you can still work.
  • remove any callosities. Their removal is completely painless and safe.
  • treatment of cracks on the skin of the foot, higher quality and delicate. The procedure reduces the risk of recurrence of calluses and cracks.
  • the cuticle is not removed, and podravnivaetsâ with one of the smallest nozzle. Thanks to the soft polishing leather, It grows slowly and longer retains elasticity and fineness.
  • the solution to the problem of ingrown nails, as well as its prevention.

Before the procedure legs are processed broad-spectrum disinfectant, that prevents infection during the procedure.

The first step is to handle the foot using a special razmâgčitelâ. Softening hard leather feet occurs due to chemical razmâgčitelej, that raises the apparatus pedicure process to a new level. The main advantages of these drugs – excellent results and guaranteed protection against transmission of infections. And softening occurs only keratinized skin areas, without affecting living tissue. Then there is cuticle treatment, lateral roller, upper phalanges of fingers, stop using special diamond grinding blades of different diameter and shape, each of which has its own appointment. After processing all the required sections podolog causes oil on the nail plate and cuticle care cream. Then sprayed individually selected depending on the type of skin cream on the foot. Foot massage to the knee will complement the procedure and improve the well-being of your feet.

After the procedure, your heels will be soft and gentle as a baby!

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