Anti-aging Medicine

Exceptional dispatch anti-aging medicine combines the latest world achievements in the field of natural anti aging and can be considered an integral part of the future of medicine.

Women's health
There is hardly a woman, that does not look after themselves, the more that modern medicine and cosmetology offer hundreds of possibilities to look perfect. But ... There is always a "but". With age it is increasingly difficult to stay in shape, even the Standing, quivering face and body care are not yielding the expected results. The fact, responsible for the manifestation of many signs of aging is the process of fading functions, as well as impaired the work of the internal organs. Throughout the life of the body is struggling with many adverse factors for him are our bad habits, unhealthy diet, excessive load, stress, effects of the environment, etc.. But this struggle cannot be infinite, and eventually disrupt internal systems, weaken the protective functions of the body. Therefore, women 40 years, so it is important to take care first and foremost about his health, After all, internal processes, as if in a mirror, affect our appearance.

Women's health upon 40 one of the important directions of Anti-agemediciny, that includes monitoring and correction of hormonal changes during menopause.

Anti-ageis one of the most important and promising areas of modern functional medicine, based on a deep professional learning needs of the body. This is a new philosophy of health and quality of life.

Prevention of aging
Innovative developments in the field of anti-aging medicine, We offer our patients the latest techniques to prevent aging:

The programme aims at improving the effectiveness of the major body systems, improvement of skin condition, hair, nail art, immunity strengthening.

Anti-age Perfectum
The program is aimed at the recovery of the gastrointestinal tract, improving the efficiency of the brain, strengthening bones and joints, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The program is aimed at improving the process of metabolism, normalization of body weight, Prevention of skin ageing.

Power and normalization programme of internal organs, improvement of skin condition, Prevention of dermatological diseases.

The program is aimed at cleansing from toxins and impurities, improving liver function, gastrointestinal tract, weight management, enhanced protective functions.

A comprehensive program of restoring the functions of the intestines, developed by the Institute for functional medicine United States.

Cardiovascular screening
Diagnostics, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Definition of food intolerance
Unique comprehensive test for food intolerance, building individual recommendations on diet therapy.

Genetic studies
Definition of genetically mediated the risk of multifactorial diseases (hypertension, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, thrombophlebitis, diabetes mellitus, etc.), evaluation of metabolism and the effectiveness of drugs.

Cancer screening
Complex Diagnostics and prevention of cancer.

Determination of biological age
Comparison of chronological and biological age, Prevention of premature aging.

Consultation, Diagnostics, treatment
Recreating the hormone balance, adjusting power and giving the metabolism, anti-aging medicine is able to stop the biological aging process and turn the arrow of time reversal.

Before you start a course of treatment, every patient must pass a full survey of the unique patented methods of clinic and consultation from our leading experts.

The first phase of the
Consultation involves two steps: in the first phase of the physician, guided by the patient's State of health, a survey recommendation forms.

An integral part of a comprehensive survey is venous blood sampling. This allows you to determine the content of metabolic parameters (metabolic indicators): hormones, minerals, vitamins, amino and fatty acids, enzymes and many other important elements, and precursors and metabolites (degradation products) such substances. Using laboratory and functional examination methods is determined by the biological age of the patient.

The second phase of the
In the second stage of the consulting physician, Having carefully considered the evidence of medical examination, is the individual program of the correction of the signs of aging, hormonal and metabolic. Moreover, Depending on the results of the blood test, health status and characteristics of the organism, develop personal power schemes, physical activity in conjunction with courses taking natural biologically active substances. In anti-aging medicine active substance are applied separately, and in the complex, that makes the best use of their properties.

To restore harmony, beauty and health products review
Individually designed program of correction, taking into account the characteristics and needs of your body, -the natural way to restore internal harmony, health and beauty.

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