Anti-age injection MesoSculpt

laboratory ABClab (USA) for anti-aging injections XXI Century Specialist, led by Elina Tester. In conjunction with a plastic surgeon Michael Caine, Dr. Elina tester developed a new technology, which lies at the heart of the drug MesoSculpt C71. The innovative development, in the field of anti-age cell therapy, injectable MesoSculpt C71 created directly for the correction of age-related changes, occurring in the surface of fat packets of face and neck. Due to the unique components, which is part of the drug MesoSculpt C71, genetically promotes selective reduction of fat tissue volume. At the same time there is control of the formation of new fat cells and control their change in size, which leads to long-term preservation of the aesthetic effect.

The result of the course of procedures;

-clear oval face

-Getting rid of the bags of paint on the cheeks (the only possibility!)

– Eliminating the second chin

– Smoothing overhangs nasolabial folds

-Reduced overhang folds in the corners of the mouth.

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