Hair analysis on trace elements

to trace It represents the study of the content of "useful" and "harmful" chemicals in the human hair.

helpful minerals (žoķ, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, chromium, Selenium) ensure normal functioning of our body. Conversely, toxic elements industrial origin (mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic) poison our bodies.

The elemental composition of hair gives information about the content of macro-, trace elements and heavy metals in the tissues of the human body. The existence of the deficit, excess or imbalance of elements in the hair indicates a violation of their receipt, assimilation, removal or distribution in the body. One of the signs, that the body needs "mineral" support – intensive hair loss.

In your hair iron levels - below normal? Accordingly,, his stock in the body is not sufficient, and you are more susceptible to intestinal infections and colds. You are more likely to occur with skin problems, nails, more intensively to fall out hair.

In your hair iron levels - above the norm? This indicates a possible iron overload of the body, that provokes the reduction of blood bactericidal activity, dysbiosis development, violation detoxifying liver function.

  1. Determination of essential macro- and trace elements allows to evaluate the security of the body with mineral components, form a diet, which would have made up for their deficiencies and allows them to be assimilated. Also identify minerals, which is necessary to replenish an additional drug administration.
  2. Determination of the level of contamination with heavy metals. The presence of toxic metals in the body - the cause of many violations in health (fatigue, Hair Loss; a number of serious diseases). It will help you choose effective methods and means for cleaning the body. For people, having regular contact with toxic substances in their work, This analysis is a fast, a simple and reliable method of pollution control organism.
  3. Prophylaxis. It's important! Hair analysis on trace elements determines the imbalance of elements at an early stage. The results obtained make it possible to carry out the required set of measures aimed at the prevention of various diseases, associated with an imbalance of minerals.
  4. Control. Hair analysis for trace elements can serve as an objective control reception performance preparations, normalizing power and cleaning of the whole body.
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