Анализ туберкулез Херсон

Defining specific region of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the sputum.

Tuberculosis (from the Latin. tuberculum - бугорок) -common, socially dependent human disease. They are sick and animals. The causative agent of tuberculosis is open P. Koch in 1882 g. This acid-aerobic bacteria (74 species) рода mycobacterium, widely distributed in the soil, water and animals. In humans, most often the causative agent is Mycobacterium tuberculosis. They are very resistant to many environmental factors, and in the body for a long time remain viable and can cause disease in many years after infection. It is important, Mycobacterium tuberculosis which can form so-called L-form. Persisting in the body, they create a TB immunity. For a long time, TB can occur hidden and discovered incidentally, although often become manifested symptoms, as weakness, fatigue, low-grade fever, night sweat, and in blood - anemia and leukopenia.

Currently, Despite all the advances of antimicrobial therapy, TB threatens the future of the nation. Therefore, all the methods of diagnosis, especially its latent forms are essential.

There are many methods Laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis: smear microscopy (most often used for this purpose phlegm), classical culture method, IFA. All of them are inherent dignity, but certain disadvantages, in particular, detection of mycobacteria only if they have enough.

In recent years, diagnosis using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Its high sensitivity can detect in the material single cells and even their DNA fragments. The method eliminates cross-reactivity and specificity reaches 100%. PCR allows us to differentiate limited and disseminated forms of TB, especially in children, even when negative cultures.

Analytical indicators:

  • determination of the particular site of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the sputum, or pleural fluid;
  • the specificity – 98%;
  • the sensitivity of the determination is no less 100 DNA copies in 5 MCL held machining (selection of DNA) sample.
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