Analysis of blood Kherson

Determines the membership of a particular group of ABO blood.

Blood group is a genetically inherited traits, do not change over the life in the wild. Blood group is a combination of the red blood cell surface antigens (agglûtinogenov) ABO system.

Definition of group membership is widely used in clinical practice of transfusion and its components, in Gynecology and obstetrics in the planning and conduct of pregnancy.

Blood group system ABO is the main system, defines the compatibility and incompatibility of transfused blood, t. to. its the most immunogenic antigens. Feature of the system Av0 is that, the plasma in non-immune people have naturally occurring antibodies to the Antigen of erythrocytes on the missing. Blood group system Av0 are two group erythrocyte agglûtinogena (A and B) and two corresponding antibodies – plasma Alpha agglutinins (anti-a) and beta (anti-in).

Various combinations of antigens and antibodies are 4 blood group:
  1. Group 0 ((I)) on the erythrocytes are group agglûtinogeny, plasma contains agglutinins alpha and beta;
  2. Group A (II) -red blood cells contain only agglûtinogen and, agglutinin is present in plasma beta;
  3. Group (III) -red blood cells contain only agglûtinogen in, plasma contains agglutinin alpha;
  4. Group AB ((IV)) -on the erythrocytes are present antigens a and b, plasma contains agglutinins.
Definition of blood groups conducted by the identification of specific antigens and antibodies (dual method or cross reaction).

Blood incompatibility There has been a, If red blood cells are of one blood agglûtinogeny (A or b), and other blood plasma contains relevant agglutinins (Alpha- or beta), When this happens the reaction of agglutination. Transfuse red blood cells, plasma and whole blood from donor to recipient need to strictly observing group compatibility. To avoid incompatibility of the donor's and the recipient's blood, You must define their laboratory methods of blood group. It is best to transfuse blood, red blood cells and plasma of the same group, which is defined by the recipient. In urgent cases, blood group 0, but not whole blood!, You can plow the recipients with other blood groups; blood group and you can plow the recipients with blood group a and AB, and red blood cells from the donor group — recipient of Group b and AB.
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