Paternity DNA testing

In ancient times, people had to put up with the approval of the mother only knows exactly, who the child's father». Often so, that man, himself without knowing it, raised and raised him someone else child biologically. And in today's world, such cases are not uncommon. According to some data, almost every 13-th man educates his child is not genetically. The Truth, now install the fatherhood became significantly easier.

We are talking about genetic evaluations for determining paternity. Nowadays, for a certain amount and with proper materials collection, molecular genetic laboratory will give you the exact answer.

Determination of paternity in this case, is carried out by means of a DNA analysis, that each person is unique. This requires DNA samples of the child and father. Mother's involvement in this case, the optional.

Because the DNA of a single cell of the body of a person'S DNA is identical to that of the rest of its cells, as a material for research you can take any tissue-blood, saliva, sperm, teeth, hair, nails and miscellaneous. If you want to analyse hair, something to keep in mind, that these hairs should be few and preferably, to bulb on them has been saved.

The most common and painless method of collecting material for DNA analysis on fatherhood is scraping the epithelium of the inner surface of the cheeks. In this case, you take the q-tip and press several times to spend it under the cheek mucosa. Any lab will give you exact instructions on the correct collection of materials for a paternity DNA test, and some will be given special applicators for collecting samples,and clear instructions along with them. This is important, because otherwise accurate results extremely difficult.

For children, the DNA analysis can be performed at any age, since birth, When taking the necessary material most safe for baby. You can theoretically do so during fetal development, but in this case there is the risk of complications to the fetus and abortion.

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