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Doctor allergist (Kherson) -It is still a young specialty in medicine. A good allergist - A specialist, having in-depth knowledge in the field of medicine, discriminating disease, distinguish between the common cold, infection from an allergic reaction. For the present it is important to have a doctor's allergist and broad-minded, keep abreast of new methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Symptoms – reason for consulting an allergist

Often, people get used to some of the negative features of the reaction of the organism to products, plants, animals and so on, and tightening, thus destroying your body constant attack from allergens. Therefore, it is important to keep consult an allergist and find out the reason for changing the state of your body:

  • chronic rhinitis, frequent sneezing, itchy or stuffy nose;
  • seasonal rhinitis;
  • sudden cough without sputum, receiving protracted;
  • sudden Dyspnea, breathing spasms, the lack of oxygen;
  • redness of the eyes, lacrimation;
  • rash or itchy skin.

These manifestations may be symptoms of an allergic reaction, and you should as soon as possible visit an allergist.

Why you should make an appointment with an allergist

If you find a negative reaction of the organism to a specific product and, you, simply, will not eat it, but it also happens, that the person does not understand the reason for frequent colds, cough and seeks treatment for colds, disturbing the balance of the body and weakening the immune system. At this time, an unidentified allergen continues to irritate the body and cause more negative symptoms - runny nose become chronic, cough develops into asthma or bronchitis. That's why it's so important to timely visit an allergist.

Services handed allergologa on Academies «Tornado Medical Group»

The first appointment with the doctor - an acquaintance with a specialist, clarify your problem. Our highly skilled medical center make sure you carefully listen to you, in-depth interviews about the symptoms, manifestations of the disease and to offer some diagnostic procedures for establishing an accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosis of allergy

  • Computer diagnostics of the body . This procedure will determine the overall condition of the body and to find out whether your symptoms are a manifestation of an allergy, or the consequences of an illness.
  • Haemoscanning. This procedure will determine the activity of blood cells, the presence of infections or parasites.
  • The test for food intolerance. This procedure will establish the presence of an allergic reaction, identify specific allergens.

The results help the doctor diagnose allergist prescribe the correct treatment.

Allergy Treatment

Medical Center “Tornado” offers you the modern medication treatment of Allergy and its consequences, procedures, during which you will not only get rid of the disease, but also to restore the body, normalize the work of all bodies (primarily respiratory), normalize metabolism. For example, cleansing of the body, cleaning blood will allow you to get rid of accumulated during the illness of toxins.

The main benefit of the treatment of allergies in our Academy “Tornado Medikal Group” This is something, that the doctor is not just an allergist confirmed disease and prescribes treatment, he oversees his every step, proposes to supply correct and ready to answer all your questions, associated with treatment, to give advice.

Today, you can get rid of allergies, and we are ready to help you do it!

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  1. Eugenia says:

    Hello, severe allergy at 10 years old daughter, would like to know, How do we get an allergist, that have( If you want to) and as a physician in your clinic? Thank you.

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon,
      the doctor takes on the record, every day, In addition to Sun.
      with 10.00 to 17.00; Sat. with 10.00 to 14.00
      record by phone. 050 396 36 55

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