Akvalis (Aqualyx)

Modern, an effective method of combating fatty deposits as in women, and men.

Development of aesthetic medicine leads to the emergence of new non-surgical methods to remove excess fat deposits, to quickly, and, point, safely adjust shape.

Akvalis is an innovative product, on the basis of sodium salt dezoksiholeva acid, gangliosides and prints the fat cells from the body. There are injections directly into the injection, in so doing, they do not have any toxic effects on the body. Akvalis injections are one of the safest and most effective methods to combat local fatty deposits.

Indications for use of the preparation akvalis

Akvalis injections are recommended in the presence of localised fat deposits in such problem areas, as:

  1. The upper part of the hand
  2. Folds on the back
  3. Belly
  4. Boca
  5. Zone "Breeches"
  6. The outer portion of the thigh
  7. The inner part of the thigh
  8. Knees
  9. Double Chin

As well as the:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Lipomas
  • "Buffalo Hump"
  • Buttocks
  • Enlarged breasts in men.

How does the drug akvalis

Drug dezoksiholeva acid is in the associated form, and after the introduction in the body, he gradually released, This makes it possible to use a higher concentration of a substance without harm to health.

In contact with fatty deposits akvalis destroys their membranes, lymphatic system then displays the body of fat along with degradation products. To enhance the effect, it is recommended in conjunction with a course of injections to conduct sound liposuction.

Before and after the procedure akvalis (Aqualyx)



How is the procedure

Akvalis injections can perform plastic surgeon or certified cosmetician, past training course on conducting intralipoterapii.

During a session runs just 2-3 prick in the problem area. The patient feels a sense of tingling and burning sensations, that is quite simply transferred. Upon completion of the session can occur some swelling and redness at the injection site occur. You may also experience numbness or fabrics, in front of the, hypersensitivity. These symptoms alone pass through 1-3 of the day.

To achieve an effect enough 3 session break 20 days. Due to the lack of rehabilitation period, After the procedure akvalis can be a familiar lifestyle.

Dignity of injection akvalis

Many positive reviews about akvalise prove, This technique is very effective, It has the following advantages:

  • The instantaneous efficiency;
  • Security for the body;
  • Minimal traumatism of fabrics;
  • Low probability of occurrence of side effects;
  • Local impact;
  • Does not require anaesthesia.
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