Effective rate of weight loss in TORNADO MG

At the medical center of Tornado are held most effective treatments in aesthetic medicine.
Price for 10 total sessions 3700 UAH.

Pressure therapy

Pressure therapy is acupressure through a managed system alternating pressure and increases in certain areas of the body. System focused on moving the venous and lymphatic flows from ankles to thighs. The procedure is intended to enhance blood circulation and lymph flow, that improves clearance of interstitial fluid, reduces swelling and inflammation, foot fatigue and improves the flow of oxygen throughout the body and leads to smoothing the surface of the skin.

Hydro massage

Immerse yourself in a fragrant bath to massage, complete harmony, it will give you pleasure. Millions of tiny vortices of air and water, creating the effect of the surf, provide relaxation, recreation, give new powers. As if under the hands of an experienced therapist, body massaged from feet to neck.

Newfound balance gives positive effects in all areas of life.

Pulsating massage vibrating hosed water for good health.

Hot tub is ideal for:

  • Relieve muscle tone
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Promote weight loss by reducing the layer of the subcutaneous adipose tissue
  • Reduce cellulite, the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis
  • Improve circulation
  • Stimulation of the lymph.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy – It's therapeutic effects on the human body electromagnetic radiation of optical range (light). From existing physiotherapeutic methods effects on the human body-energy laser radiation is optimal for the following reasons:

  • therapeutic laser energy affects parameters, not damaging biome, but at the same time, the supply of energy is sufficient to activate the body's vital processes ;
  • laser radiation causes not only a local reaction of the organism, but it also has an overall normalizing effect on the function of the entire body, activates the biome.

Effects of laser therapy:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • anesthetic;
  • desensitizing (antiallergic);
  • immunokorregiruûŝij;
  • regenerative (regenerating);
  • -improving

Therapeutic wrap

Обертывания в Tornado Medical SPA– это великолепный способ коррекции фигуры путем использования природных компонентов, as well as stimulating the body's own capacity. A large concentration of minerals and nutrients, contained in cocktails wraps, have a strengthening effect on the whole body. We offer a large selection of vitamins, algal, Mineral, mud, Milk and other algae wraps. Facials wraps aim to address a number of health and aesthetic problems:

  • purification, detoxication
  • Weight Loss, cellulite
  • strengthening, toning of the skin tissues
  • Anti-stress, relaxation
  • strengthening blood vessels and lifting leg edema
  • rheumatologic diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system


Hydrotherapy- The most perfect, safe and effective detoxification and colon, allowing for a certain course of treatment to clear all its departments

  • The modern version of the ancient method of healing
  • Hydrotherapy (water therapy or bowel irrigation, intestinal lavage) is a gentle colon cleansing water or water solutions with the purpose of detoxification and restoration of normal flora. Many people think, What is colon hydrotherapy — something it is like a big klizme. It is not so. Enema affects only the terminal portion of the colon length 25 — 30 see, and at kolonoterapii filled his entire capacity (length 1,3 — 1,6 m). In other words, Colon hydrotherapy is much more effective. Intestinal cleansing of toxins influenced not only by local, but the overall therapeutic effect on the human body. The washing liquid cleanses the intestinal wall of the epithelium ottorgshegosya, dross, mucus, Toxins, excrement, putrefying bacteria, undigested residues, Parasites, dead cells.


Nutritionist would develop a "personalized nutrition program», that is ideal for your body. Personalized nutrition program – This is a convenient mechanism for, with the help of which you can build yourself a diet every day, counting calories, and selecting the desired products.

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