Beauty courses

Академия Эстетической Медицины доктора Андреевой - This is the first licensed school in Ukraine, which has all the necessary conditions for successful learning the latest trends in health and beauty: offers beautician courses at the Academy Tornado Medikal Group. Read more »


Experienced professionals leading medical branch clinics “Tornado” more 25 years of taking care of the men's health of residents and visitors Kherson

Priority areas for Urology service Tornado Medical Group

  • Examination and treatment of patients, suffering from urolithiasis
  • Diagnosis and treatment of prostate, urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, and other infectious and inflammatory diseases, including sexually transmitted (Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, trichomoniasis) Read more »


Wanting to correct your figure, your choice on Liposuction. The procedure will help to quickly get rid of excess weight - without exhausting diets, daily physical exercise and a long waiting for the result.

Liposuction considered one of the most efficient methods for correction. In this case,, Using modern American and European equipment. Specialists Tornado Medical Group through a small incision in the skin, remove excess accumulation of adipose tissue, and you get a lasting effect correction. Read more »

Massage courses

Objectives of the basic course:

  • The physiological effects of this technique and massage techniques;
  • Diagramming general goings;
  • Schemes for solving the specific problems of the course;

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To address such sensitive issues, as hemorrhoids, crack, polyps, we successfully use the most modern equipment and the latest technology as well as the experienced proctologist in Kherson.

For example, the serious problem of hemorrhoids today is by non-invasive for only 1 visit, in this case you can immediately return to normal activities!

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Gynecology - the science of the female reproductive system, However, it presents a number of other medical directions. Gynecologist in Kherson Tornado – is experienced, that take into account the wishes of any client.

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Revolutionary methods of reinforcement of the face and body

Filament reinforcement of the skin or just thread Aptos - one of the modern methods of intensive facial rejuvenation.

Nitevoy lift Aptos – This procedure is aesthetic correction, combining the advantages of cosmetology and plastic surgery, which allows you to get the desired effect, and long enough rejuvenation without a scalpel, and therefore, without a long period of rehabilitation and possible traumatic complications.

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VelaShape – combination of four techniques for figure correction

Is there a possibility of instant weight loss? So the question is given a huge amount of women, suffering from imperfections figures. Center TORNADO MG figure correction invites all, who want to quickly and efficiently model the contours of your body machine Velashape II. His appointment is a non-surgical removal of fat deposits, cellulite and skin defects, associated with the violation of Exchange processes.

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Why can not put off a visit to mammologist

Mammolog - a doctor, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease. In such diseases as breast, fibroadenoma, mastitis, mastoptoz, cyst, sealing or suspicion of breast tumor, – you must apply it to mammologist. It should be noted, that 90% breast diseases treatable, subject to early diagnosis and treatment of a specialized.

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CAUTION - Moles!

People with a perfectly smooth and even skin are rare. Almost everyone has some kind of skin tumors, such as warts, Moles, papilloma, Nevi, lipoma, keratomas etc..

Skin tumors are not only a cosmetic defect, they may present risks to human health. Read more »


We offer a proven treatment strategy, including not only the loss of body weight, but keep it going over the life.

This individual approach, because every body is different and unique – we will help you get rid of cellulite, restore skin elasticity and, of course, get rid of excess body fat.

All this is done under the supervision of specialists-nutritionist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, that eliminates the possibility of any injury or exacerbation of pre-existing illness.
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SmartLipo liposuction on technology

Laser lipolysis - the most advanced technology of non-surgical body shaping. The selective effect of the laser on the membrane of fat cells makes it possible to get rid of excess fat tissue, especially in cases, when classical or ultrasonic liposuction is not applicable.

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Figure correction by the spring

If you are tired of grueling workouts in the gym and counting calories, and the desired elastic skin and can not see, we recommend that you visit our SPA center and learn, how to get the desired results in just two weeks!
We will help you get rid of cellulite, restore skin elasticity and, of course, get rid of excess body fat.

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Anti-age injection MesoSculpt

laboratory ABClab (USA) for anti-aging injections XXI Century Specialist, led by Elina Tester. In conjunction with a plastic surgeon Michael Caine, Dr. Elina tester developed a new technology, which lies at the heart of the drug MesoSculpt C71. The innovative development, in the field of anti-age cell therapy, injectable MesoSculpt C71 created directly for the correction of age-related changes, occurring in the surface of fat packets of face and neck. Due to the unique components, which is part of the drug MesoSculpt C71, genetically promotes selective reduction of fat tissue volume. At the same time there is control of the formation of new fat cells and control their change in size, which leads to long-term preservation of the aesthetic effect. Read more »

Bulkhorn – Lip augmentation

Bulkhorn (subnazalny surgical lifting of the upper lip) – operation, Increases the height of the red portion of the lips and reduce the height of the skin of the upper lip.

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A new medical approach to the rejuvenation of the periorbital area

Aesthetic defects periorbital area - one of the most frequent problems, with whom we have to deal cosmetologists. To correct dark circles under the eyes, puffiness, wrinkle developed a lot of methods and a variety of drugs. One of them – RRS ® HA Eyes, which, noteworthy practitioners. The clinical research on this drug correction of age changes of the periorbital area, and especially to eliminate puffiness showed good results, therefore became the basis for the development of the protocol RRS ® HA Eyes, in this article. Read more »

How to restore the skin after rejuvenating procedures correctly and quickly

Feature rejuvenating treatments usually is, they are held to the skin with pronounced signs of decay. On the one hand, such procedures should be intense, to achieve the maximum effect. On the other hand, fading skin has a fairly low resource regeneration, and it means, increased risks for complications or do not achieve the desired result.

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New features beauty injections

Modern beauty industry uses botulinum toxin for a wide range of cosmetic problems. But the development of modern classical medicine does not stand still. And now botulinum toxin has removed from office, cosmetologist, in the hands of the scientists involved in the study means of struggle with cancer. Read more »

Eyelid without surgery

Facial skin is stronger than other areas of the body susceptible to age-related changes and the negative effects of the environment. Therefore, it needs constant care and careful protection. This is especially true delicate and sensitive periorbital.

Eyelid without surgery - a great opportunity to rejuvenate the area around the eyes, without resorting to the services of plastic surgeons. The advantages are obvious: no traces in the form of scars and scars, no load from general anesthesia, shorter recovery period. Are there any disadvantages?

This review tells about the main ways of holding such a minimally invasive facelift, their features and options, and our experts from the best metropolitan aesthetic clinics give their recommendations: Read more »

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