9 main indicators of the blood of your health

What blood indicators signal, that there is a problem in a particular area. Whether it's flu or bronchitis, problems with the kidneys or heart, in any case, we must take general or detailed . Many wonder: why an overall analysis you can donate and after eating, but the expanded analysis, you must be sure to donate blood on an empty stomach.

All just, When done detailed analysis of blood, a clear picture, and food changes the number of indicators, for example, sugar level noticeably rises. Also, if the interpretation of the analysis into account the doctor takes the overall condition of the, Paul and features: pregnancy or PMS.

Consider the basic indicators of the blood in the overall analysis

  1. Red blood cells are non-nuclear cells, that saturate the tissues and other cells with oxygen. The norm for men and women is different. For women the norm of erythrocytes:(3.7-4.7) *10 in 12/l. Rate is for men (4.0-5.1) *10 in 12/l. The increase in the number of red blood cells seen in people with heart defects, or in diseases of bronchus or lung, kidney or liver disease. Also even in healthy people, who are at very high altitude, erythrocytes in excess. If anemia or blood loss, in the initial stage of inflammation in the body jumps level of red blood cells. Excess hormones can cause a rise in the number of red blood cells.
  2. Hemoglobin is a protein, contained in erythrocytes, responsible for the transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide fence between the lungs and tissues. For women the norm is 120-140 g/l., and for men-130-160 g/l. Lowering hemoglobin signals about such potential problems: bleeding, blood loss, anemia, the defeat of internal organs. In turn, elevated hemoglobin can talk about blood diseases and heart failure.
  3. Leukocytes-white blood cells is, designed to protect the body from viruses and diseases. The general rule of leukocytes (4.0-9.0) *10 in 9/l. Leukocytes tend to rise regardless of the presence of infection in the body. Excessive physical strain or stress can contribute to. Excess of leukocytes reveals such processes: inflammation, infection, allergy, leukemia, taking medications, containing hormones.
  4. Platelets provide blood coagulation, form the clot with tissue damage. Rule should be (180-320) *10 in 9/l. Increased platelets testifies to the initial stage of tuberculosis or cirrhosis of the liver. In the postoperative period exceed its rule of platelets. Falling platelet count while receiving large amounts of alcohol, in the case of heavy metal poisoning, liver disease or renal failure.
  5. ESR/Rohe erythrocyte sedimentation rate or sed rate-ranges during the flow of disease. For the first day level increases, and gradually increases as recovery. For men 2-norm is 10 mm/h, for women2-15 mm/h. Hormonal disorders, kidney problems, or shock is characterized by an increase in standards. A small leap may occur during pregnancy or during childbirth, even with PMS.
  6. Glucose is normal 3,5-6.5 mmol/l for healthy human. Poor nutrition and hormonal failure can entail lowering glucose levels. Increased glucose levels characteristic of this disease, as diabetes mellitus.
  7. Total protein should be normal 60-80 grams/l.Falls with malnutrition, violations of kidney or liver disease.
  8. Total bilirubin is normal 20,5 mmol/l. If the liver is functioning normally, means, bilirubin is normally. Hepatitis, jelchnokamennaya disease or destruction of red blood cells increases the level of bilirubin.
  9. Creatinine supervises the work of the kidneys, is the result of Creatine phosphate reactions. Rule shall be within 0,18 mmol/l. With decreasing immunity level falls, When you raise-person kidney failure.

Of course, final conclusion about the evolution of the disease and the necessary medical assistance can only do qualified specialist, because a blood test usually is not limited to, you will need to pass some more tests for a clear picture.

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