8 interesting facts about “Botokse”

For us ""is a magic tool, amputating the wrinkles and the ability of wonder. Botulinum toxin injections for physicians is a great way to relieve the State of a variety of patients. How does "», Why beauticians vie for "Crow's feet" and how to change your face shape using injections, "Newspaper. «Ru» told the Institute of plastic surgery and cosmetology.

The word "Botox" has long been a household name-under it we understand process and preparations for smoothing facial wrinkles. But doctors insist: in fact, we are talking about a botuliničeskom snail-Yade, allocated special bacteria. Already on its base created medications — "Botox", "Disport", «Kseomin», «Lantok» and «Relatoks». This is just one of the facts about Botho. Sorry, botulotoksine! There are eight.

1. The first botulinum toxin began to study military doctors

The name "botulism" comes from Latin botulus, which means "sausage". Before the invention of lids for canning meat products stored, suffusing Salom, — and if their bad thermally treated, retained bacteria, producing a toxin. The toxin itself was identified in the 20th century: It studied, among other, military doctors within the programs to create biological weapons, and the protection of troops from botulism. Fortunately, It's such a designation has not been used.

The mechanism of action of botulinum toxin on the muscles of the same, whether poisoning food or poor quality introduced in muscle medicine: the toxin blocks the transmission of a signal from the nerve to the muscle, and she loses the ability to reduce.

Comes its relaxation-relaxation. This effect is long lasting, but reversible-over time communication nerve and muscle recovers and returns to the muscle's ability to reduce.

2. First botulinum toxin medicinally applied not beauticians

Yes, and in General, It was not a "Botox", a drug called "Okulinum", which in 1977 year American ophthalmologist Alan Scott used to treat nictitating spasm, the State of the, where a person has painfully closed eyelids, bad eyes open. He belonged to the idea of using botulinum toxin in ophthalmology is he allowed to relax the muscles surrounding the eyeball. In 1979 year was released the first batch of commercial drug botulinum toxin-Botox "».

Correction of facial wrinkles become accidental discovery of American physicians — Alistair and Jean Carruthers.

Alistair, ophthalmologist, actively used "Botox" for the treatment of patients with bleforaspazmom. And became the mark, that with the introduction of botulinum toxin in the circular muscle of the eye goes away not only the eyelid spasms, but smoothed "Crow's feet" in the corners of the eye.

His wife Jean, dermakosmetolog, beginning already purposefully use this drug for the correction of facial wrinkles. And very successfully. So has opened a new era not only in cosmetology. All very simple: the fibres mimic facial muscles are woven into the skin, and while reducing muscle skin puckering. Relaxes muscles-even wrinkles.

3. Botulinum toxin is applied not only in cosmetology

In addition to ophthalmology botulinum toxin is applied in other fields of medicine. Primarily, this Neurology-curing krivošei, neuropathy of the facial nerve, gemifacial′nogo spasm, pathological spasms after a stroke and childhood cerebral palsy. After injection of botulinum toxin in spastic muscle babes get up to full stop and start walking.

New indication-treatment of chronic headaches and migraines. Injections of botulinum toxin in certain points of the head and neck area inhibit the secretion of active compounds, responsible for the formation of pain.

Another area-Urology. Botulinum toxin is used when certain types of urinary incontinence (including patients with hyperactive bladder), chronic pelvic pain.

Treatment of local sweating-Hyperhidrosis-engaged and neuroscientists, and beauticians.

After injection into the skin, for example the underarm area, stop the sweat glands secrete.

The Palm of your hand, foot, armpits become dry. While sweating in General (and this is a very important physiological function) does not suffer.

4. Botulinum toxin can help cure depression

While experiencing the emotions we have reduced certain facial muscles, When this formed a characteristic facial expression is an expression of joy, sadness, anger, surprise, discontent. Most of the negative emotions associated with muscle tension wrinkles brow area, There are the characteristic folds.

According to the law of the inverse of mimic muscles while reducing communication, associated with a particular emotion, in brain signals, the reinforcing experience this emotion. Constantly or frown? Sharper experience all negative!

Studies have shown, that if the relaxation with botulotoxine muscles wrinkles brow areas improves mood, decrease symptoms of depression. This effect was also random clinical discovery: American physician Eric Finzi tried to smooth out forehead wrinkles and wrinkles brow area of its old mom, suffering depression.

So I wanted to make my mother something good! Some time later, mom's mood has improved. And then began studies involving many patients. Perhaps, "erasing" from the face of the traces of negative emotions, cosmetologists manage to make people a little happier?

5. In some cases, botulinum toxin can be used in children and adolescents

From what age can use the drug botulinum toxin, is defined in the regulations. For example, "Disport" and "Botox" be assigned to children from two years, because one of the readings-treatment of muscle spasm in children's cerebral palsy. Botulinum toxin in aesthetic medicine, as a rule, appointed at the age of not less than 18 years earlier, it just doesn't need to.

But there are exceptions — and then require the authorization of the parents or guardians.

So it was, for example, with extremely self-conscious paren′kom, which the world looked askance, and the whole forehead was covered with deep wrinkles, as the old man. After injection of botulinum toxin were smoothed wrinkles, and over time, the young man became openly looking at the world. This important aspect of botulinoterapii is the ability to get rid of habits frown, trees, etc..

The other side of the coin is the succession of scandals in the United States, When bonkers on beauty contests moms injected botulinum toxin to their young daughters, who were supposedly wrinkles. Now in America is being actively discussed the need for legislative restrictions like parental insanity.

6. Botulinum toxin not only corrects the wrinkles

Correction of facial muscles is the most famous, but not the only indication for botulinum toxin injection in cosmetology. If the mentalis strained-Chin knobby, How to bone a peach, — Save the botulinum toxin.

Missing the tip of the nose, a wide nose, the mobility of the nostrils also corrected using preparations of botulinum toxin.

You can raise eyebrows in General, and you can just tail the eyebrows, giving it the shape of a wing of a gull.

Facial line and face shape too amenable to correction. A person can pull up-lifting "Nefertiti". The square face you can give an oval shape. In Asian countries by injecting botulinum toxin are conducting "lifting" of the mammary glands (small size), correction of curvature of legs. According to most doctors, the effect of such dubious procedures, and that's a function of individual parts of the body may be affected.

7. Botox doesn't work very rarely

Cases, When in the process of long-term treatment botulinum toxin loses effectiveness, very rare, but they are. Effect of muscle relaxation may decline, and may disappear altogether.

Neuroscientists have linked the, that the previous injection scheme becomes ineffective, zinc and calcium deficiency, perhaps, with the intake of certain medications.

Cosmeticians say that, as the aging of the skin and the face in General, many wrinkles are linked not only with increased muscle tone, but changes in other fabrics, but because they and their correction becomes more complex.

And, Finally, botulinum toxin is a protein, and in the body can be developed neutralizing antibodies it. However, even if they are available in most patients the effect of retained botulinoterapii. It is important to remember, that when you stop using the toxin antibody within a few years "washed out" and the effect of the therapy restored.

8. After injection of botulinum toxin a smile can be

At the dawn of the aesthetic botulinoterapii really sought effect is perfectly smooth shiny forehead, fixed eyebrows, «freezing» the eye area. Women smiled only lips.

But with man, a person which does not reflect the emotions, it becomes frustrating to communicate!

Today, therefore, injections are in the so-called technology "live person". The doctor is doing everything, to smooth wrinkles and retain normal facial expressions. Careful just refer to circular muscle of the eye, in order not to affect the function of smiles.

With sincere smile circular eye muscle shortens necessarily: Sometimes one paw to keep the affable facial expression.

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