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You notice the first age-related changes?
Face: Loss of tone in the lower jaw and neck, drooping soft tissues of the midface, dermatomegaly, nasolabial folds;
Body: reduction in the elasticity of the breast skin, life, buttocks.
The ideal solution in this case is the innovation strand lifting Silhouette Lift (Silhouette Lift). This is an effective non-invasive rapid – method of facial rejuvenation. It began its triumphal march in Europe and has won more than 40 countries.
Suitable for Rejuvenation threads?
  • you 28-45 years (60 - For men), No excess skin on the face,
  • no sufficient reason for a surgical facelift,
  • no time for long-term rehabilitation,
  • you want, as if by magic, look younger in one day. And to no one about what had thought.
How do the threads Silhouette Lift
Non-surgical facelift vector Silhouette Lift is truly unique! Silhouette Lift sutures are particularly increased strength, and special cones of polylactic acid securely fixed tissue of your face.
Facelift threads (filting) is as: cones produce active neocollagenesis, and around the filaments within 2 Weekly formed their own bands of connective tissue. They prevent sagging and most natural way fix the middle and lower third of the face to pull up the state.
Нити Lift Silhouette идеальны для:
  • Brow lift,
  • midface lift,
  • strengthen the jawline and chin,
  • pulling the cheeks and neck,
  • and even the buttocks.
How is the strand lifting
The scheme is simple. During the procedure, the surgeon strengthens thread at two points: in the temporal fascia (dense non-extensible structure anchor head) and the cheek and the lower face (in 4-6 points) and tightens. As a result, the thread Silhouette Lift redistribute tissue up, They are durable to securely hold the frame and in a high position.
In this case, the surgeon can give cheek and cheekbone more solid look and if you want to create the effect of the patient's sunken cheeks.
When the filament lift Silhouette Lift is over, punctures in the temporal lobe of the head are treated with a special ointment. Facial leave no trace. However, some patients with thin skin may cause minor bruising single.
Strand lifting - your young face for 30 minute!
Rejuvenation of the fiber is performed under local anesthesia (individually we can offer TIVA anesthesia) and takes only 30-40 minute. Therefore silhouette lifting procedure can be called a lunch break. It is very easy to carry. In this case, the result is stored in the 2-2,5 year!
8 Silhouette of the main advantages of liftinga:
  1. Special microscopic cones tighten and firm the skin in deep muscle layers and do not cause any discomfort.
  2. The face is modeled as a natural vector.
  3. The period of rehabilitation after the procedure - 2 days.
  4. Threads Silhouette radically different from the threads with the notches of the first generation, such as APTOS (FIT). Threads Elevator silhouette that allows for greater, more stable and natural result of rejuvenation - perfect for your age.
  5. Silhouette of a lifting provides not only a facelift, but bioreinforcement facial tissues.
  6. Indisputable advantage of this method is No incisions - Only punctures, hidden in the growth zone, hair.
  7. Cones eventually completely resolve.
  8. The cost is much lower Silhouette Lift surgical operation
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