10 facts about professional cosmetics

What is the difference between a professional cosmetics from luxury and mass market?

It is no secret, that the effectiveness of professional cosmetics is achieved through a balanced combination of active ingredients. Although, that they may be the same at any cosmetics, the main difference of means of mass market and professional products remains concentration and bioavailability of active ingredients.

Due to the high concentration of active substances and therapeutic technology overcomes the barrier of the skin and penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis, where and are working with living cells. In cosmetics mass market often active substances remain on the skin surface and cannot affect the skin proper impact.

Certainly, working on the surface of the skin, such tools will also give a small hydration, skin toning, wrinkle treatment, but this effect will be short-lived. The structure of your skin does not change, because the concentration of active substances in such mass is not very high.

What are the ingredients, contained in professional cosmetics, may not be in the suite and mass market?

for beauty salon contains a special ingredient class. The composition of the products for the face and body is composed of natural extracts and active substances-vitamins, proteins, enzymes and antioxidants, that help deal with aging, gently stimulate the metabolism, restore youthful skin turgor and, resist the adverse impact of polluted environment Wednesday.

Content of synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives in professional cosmetics minimized. And if the product will be used high class natural polymers, for example, such as hyaluronic acid or Chitosan, which are commonly used in anti-aging cosmetics, then in the mass-market you will wait for a simple synthetic thickeners. Their impact is minimal, and often missing completely.

Professional quality cosmetics you will see natural emulsifiers (proteins and phospholipids), While the best mass-market products can offer you synthetic emulsifiers, that cost is much cheaper to manufacture.

What are the most effective ingredients, contained in professional cosmetics?

Manufacturers chorus will answer you on this question, that modern professional should first restore the water balance of the skin and improve its barrier function. The composition of professional cosmetics include ingredients, as hyaluronic acid, collagen, polysaccharides, antioxidants (vitamins c, (E), alpha lipoic acid, resviratrol), phospholipids, lecithin, Omega-3, Omega-6, vegetable oils (Jojoba, almonds, avocado, bodies and other), all kinds of medicinal plants extracts, essential oils, regulatory peptides and fruit acids.

Whether home care professional cosmetics notice visit a beautician?

Concentration of active substances in many professional stamps is strikingly different from the series of home care. Many people think, What to do for example, the peeling procedure at home simply and efficiently, How do cosmetologist. This is not the case.

Series for home care may not replace a visit to a beautician, but they are intended to consolidate and maintain the result that you purchased with your cosmetologist in a salon or beauty clinic.

What professional products are not worth using at home?

Man cannot itself replace cosmetologist. In professional media with fruit acids, such as peeling, for example, acid concentration can reach 70%. Naturally, professional cosmetics, especially designed for Salon care, improper use can harm you, so she sold only in salons and medical centers, and you get it there only after consultations with an experienced professional.

That's why use at home peels and other professional products with active substances is not recommended, Moreover, without prior consultation with a beautician, that has appropriate education and work experience. Only he can hold procedure, Let's say, ultrasonic diagnosis of the skin, to identify these problems and pick the desired dose of cosmetic product for your use.


The reason for the high cost of professional cosmetics?

Seeing in the Studio or beauty clinic prices of professional cosmetics, many do not even know about the reasoning of one or another value of cosmetic product. Professional cosmetics is one of the few categories of goods with transparent and substantiated pricing.

In order to develop and create a professional cosmetic line need a lot of investment. You need a team of various specialists-cosmetologists, doctors, pharmacists, Allergists, biologists, chemists and technologists. It is these people who are studying the properties of each drug, of cosmetic. You need to understand, that provide you not only with aesthetic cosmetics, but also curative effect is possible only in conditions of scientific laboratories. And its need to build and equip.

Apart from intellectual attachments, the cost of renting or purchase of premises, still need to cover the cost of all clinical trials, and the list goes on ad infinitum.

What determines the choice of cosmetologist in favor of one or another brand of professional cosmetics?

I am always with special respect to the people, which are in constant development and finding new information. That is why cosmetologists for me to play a separate role in life, and in business. It's people, who are constantly testing new products, expand your professional horizons day after day. Over the years in the beauty industry and cooperation with experts in the field of aesthetics and cosmetology, I got it, What is important to them and what facts when choosing cosmetics are fundamental.

For example, When choosing a professional brand they will turn their attention to the interesting projects of the laboratory of this brand and patented active complexes. If you want to impress their product on the beautician, then you need to pay attention to cumulative effect of course use drugs, and certainly, must be a tangible effect from the first procedure.

In addition to this, an important aspect is the multi-functionality of drugs. This means, that one and the same tool should work with one, and with few problems and have a wide range of products in the lineup. Talking about the functions of professional cosmetics, It should be sočetaema with additional rejuvenation, such as hardware cosmetology, massage and other.

Of course, for cosmetologists is important, that makeup was hypoallergenic it lacked chemically aggressive substances: Parabens, ionogennye Surfactants, paraffins and many others.

Is there a divide in the market of professional cosmetics?

Division exists in any market. Each party tries to take his position and consolidate it. Not always the high cost of the product correspond to quality. Similarly,, as not all products, that says "professional" is such. Sometimes companies are posting this word on the label exclusively for marketing purposes. Marketing of beauty salon also depends on the.

As practice shows, modest and quiet packaging often means, the manufacturer has invested all his money in formula funds, that really works and gives the result. Others besides beautiful flashy packaging and actively deployed PR firm around her nothing more useful no.

What home care products must be from professional lines?

As I have already said,, to maintain the achieved result, beauticians recommend using professional lines even for home care. They contains the optimal concentration of active ingredients.

There is a known fact, that the use of professional tools, starting from surface cleaning (Gels, mousses, milk cleanser and tonic), and ending with active substances (serum, concentrates, ampoule means), creams and masks brings maximum results only in a joint application.

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